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The world of video games changes very quickly. It only seems like yesterday that I was banging away on my green screen Amstrad CPC and watching games load from tape on my Commodore 64. Compared to those relics, the graphics in games today are so more advanced it's incredible to see how far we've come in a relatively short time. Seeing as GTA 4 has become a gaming phenomenon we thought we'd look back at GTA 3 to see just how much of a leap has been made in one console generation.

Forget about gameplay, storyline and the rest - this video is purely about visuals. Both games were captured from PlayStation formats, with GTA 3 running on a PlayStation 2 and GTA 4 running on a PlayStation 3. If this is the leap we've got from the first GTA on PS2 to the first GTA on PS3, just imagine what the first GTA on PS4 will look like.

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Great post... Ill have to play gta 3 again just to relly see the difference! Its amazing how fast things develop! Technology multiplys so it should be like 5 times better than now for ps4 :)
Posted 10:44 on 14 May 2008
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Ya Mam

"in ps6 u'd actually die if u r killed lol".... Gimp!!!!
Posted 08:10 on 14 May 2008
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in ps6 u'd actually die if u r killed lol
Posted 03:29 on 14 May 2008
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Well i dont know about PS4 but i think for PS5 u will need a passport and visa to get into liberty city like virtal gaming, bash everything urself instead of a crontroller
Posted 19:36 on 13 May 2008

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