Gothic 3 screenshot
Gothic 3 screenshot

Tiscali Games has got hold of the June issue of German PC Games magazine which features the first solid details on Spellbound's PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 RPG Gothic 4.

Titled Gothic 4: Arcania, the game begins ten years after events of the third game, with the action taking place on a bunch of islands - each with its own climate, vegetation and animal life. A full day and night cycle will also be present and players will have the ability to cast a spell to change the time of day - an example being to change from day to night in order to slip past a guard unnoticed.

The magazine also reveals that the game will feature plenty of monsters, some with a new look over previous games in the series, while others - such as the troll - will look as they did in Gothic 3. Players will also be able to climb onto and ride beasts.

The game will also be DirectX 10 compatible and as such will make use of all the latest graphical techniques. Apparently players will be able to stand under a tree and have realistically dimmed light beamed onto their character. Conversely the character will be able to look up into the sky from under the tree and see the sun behind partially transparent leaves.

Gothic 4: Arcania doesn't have a release date, with Spellbound only releasing the game "when it's done".

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Im pretty sure that one of the developers said on an official online demonstration that there should be mountable horses in the final game to use for faster transportation during the course of the gameplay.
Posted 11:29 on 03 August 2009
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may, the character able use horse to explore the map.....if that, the gameplay more interesting,...& may use two kinds of magic at same time....that is my advice for gothic 4 development...thanks
Posted 12:26 on 05 December 2008

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