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A virtual arcade just for you.

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14 new games added to Game Room

Time Pilot and Asteroids among the new additions.

Publish date May 20 2010

May's Game Room release schedule

Includes Pitfall, Battlezone and Asteroids.

Publish date May 5 2010

Game Room finally getting more games

Super Breakout and Pitfall out this Wednesday.

1 Publish date May 4 2010

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Game Room finally getting more games in Article Comments

K3RT's Avatar

Pitfall and Super Breakout.... there both ok games but when they announced the games room I was hoping for better and more modern games there was loads of great machines in the 90's so theres...

by K3RT

New Game Room titles delayed in Article Comments

Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

I'm liking this Game Room from MS, even though I haven't experienced it for myself, it seems to be offering what Sony's Home should be.

Game Room launch titles revealed in Article Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar

I cant see alot of younger kids doing this, it's certainly a nostalgia move for the older games.

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