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Football Manager 2009 Preview for PC

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Football Manager 2009 screenshot
Football Manager 2009 screenshot Did it impact on what you're doing at all?

MJ: No. Well the Man City takeover impacted a little bit. But beyond that no, not really. The researchers that we have are used to it now. They're used to the transfer window. There's a massive rush the next few days afterwards to get all the data in, which is going on as we speak. But we'll get there. I remember asking you last year what young players gamers should look out for. Any tips for FM 2009?

MJ: Come back to me later in the year. Because the data isn't complete yet. So, later in the year I'll give you a few. (Leans into tape recorder) Jose Baxter. There's one for you. I'm loving Jose Baxter at the moment in the game. He's a young player at Everton. But yeah, ask me the same question in a month or so. Fair enough. The 3D match engine, how will it change things from a player point of view?

MJ: It won't really apart from they'll be seeing pretty shiny graphics on the screen with loads of animations. The TV view changes things more than the actual 3D match view. Before the most you could have would be the split screen mode where you get two widgets. Now you can have as much as you want on the screen and just drag it around, drop it wherever you want, take things off if you don't need them. So that's going to change things a lot for the manager. It's actually a much bigger feature than we've made out in the video, because it really changes things a lot. But the 3D looks good from camera angles, the rewind bar, people being able to rewind and watch things over and over again and from different angles each time, it's a very good system. I can't wait for people to actually be able to play it and see how much they enjoy it.

Football Manager 2009 screenshot Given the interest in taking over clubs, owning them and pumping loads of money into them, do you see a future where one of the Football Manager games allows you to be not just a manager but a club owner?

MJ: SEGA already do that with their Let's Make A Soccer Team series. It's not something that we're going to look into because being a chairman is pretty boring in our opinion. So no. We're Football Manager. That's what we're going to stick at being. That's great Miles, thanks for you time.

Football Manager 2009 is due out for PC and Mac on November 14. Football Manager Handheld 2009 is due out for PSP also on November 14.

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GUTTED that its not out on the 360!!!!
Posted 17:17 on 18 September 2008
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I was all set just with FM Live this year was going to leave FM09 but got to say sports interactive done it again I just can't wait to see the 3d engine and everything else now so I have set a pre order.
Posted 15:39 on 04 September 2008

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