Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII for PC

On: PC

Final Fantasy VIII is set on an unnamed fantasy world with one moon.

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Final Fantasy 3, 4, 7 & 8 are getting a physical release on PC

Two bundle packs coming next month, Amazon says.

Publish date Tue 26

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Shocking Mystery - The 5th Day Of Cranstmas

Final Fantasy 7 is filled with secrets. Like this one...

1 Publish date Dec 27

Final Fantasy VII remake won't include new characters

But will include a new game system.

3 Publish date Jun 23

Final Fantasy VII launches on PS4 in October - not the remake‏

Release date spotted on the Square Enix website.

Publish date Jun 22

Final Fantasy VII is being remade

More info this winter.

3 Publish date Jun 16

Final Fantasy music spawns a second Final Symphony concert

Will feature music from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX and XIII.

Publish date Mar 19 2015

Final Fantasy VII PC game is coming to PS4 winter 2015

iOS game is due this summer.

5 Publish date Dec 8 2014

Final Fantasy VIII now available on Steam

Pick up the PS1 classic for under a tenner.

Publish date Dec 6 2013 Plays

This week it's Just Cause 2, Bad Company 2, Demon's Souls, Cthulhu Saves the World and Triple Triad.

11 Publish date Aug 7 2011


Game Stats

Release Date: 18/02/2008
Publisher: Square-Enix Co
Genre: RPG
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 12+
Site Rank: 2,196 28
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