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Tom Orry, Editor - Portal 2, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Portal 2 screenshot

After what seems like an eternity I finally got round to continuing with Portal 2, taking me up to the first few areas that make use of the 'white stuff'. It's still just as brilliant as I remember. Even in the short two-hour session I had playing it this week, there were numerous occasions where I thought the puzzle looked too complicated, the room too big to possibly get my head around. Then, moments later, it all clicks. You put the pieces together and before long you're flying through the, zooming through portals and bouncing off blue surfaces. Hopefully I'll finish it before Christmas.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshot

I've finished it. After the hype, the long wait and a dedicated week's worth of play, my travels with Adam Jensen have come to an end - for the time being, at least. It's been a strange seven days too, locking myself away from the troubles in London and elsewhere, only to explore a future dystopia in which full-scale civil disorder only ever seems just around the corner.

As for the game itself… well, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the week after next for my full, unrestricted impressions. For now, I'll just say this: Human Revolution has given me no shortage of things to think about.

Martin Gaston, Previews Editor - Demon's Souls, PS3

Demon's Souls screenshot

My time with Demon's Souls has become almost a parody of gaming. I don't know why I'm doing it anymore, but I'm about one incredibly rare drop from getting all the equipment I need to blaze a Platinum trophy.

The problem? It can take days to get the aforementioned drop. I don't think I have anything left. I'm not even sure I want to play games anymore. Stop the ride. Stop it. I want to get off.

SpaceChem screenshot

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer – SpaceChem, PC

I've reprised my second job as a space chemist this week. I've been putting in some serious hours (about 15 since Monday), and have made considerable progress. I'm on world seven now, which introduces a new command called the Flip Flop. I'm not going to bother explaining it (a: because you won't understand, and b: because I can't), but it opens up a world of new opportunities. Despite being a game based on commands, inputs and outputs, SpaceChem reaches a point where it becomes strangely creative. Laying down all those symbols in such a way that the equations work out is an almost artistic process. As an example, check out this masterpiece.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty screenshot

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - StarCraft 2, PC

For anyone clamouring for a game that combines zombie conceits with dying in StarCraft 2, then I suggest the StarCraft 2 mod Left 2 Die. Left 2 Die gives you a short day/night cycle, and basically spends the latter of the two pouring zombies into your game, leaving you all but crippled unless you manage to churn out enough marines to clog the entrances to your base. It's been a year since I last played the game, but I really stand by my first impression - it's a near-perfect RTS, and one of the rare few games I'll repeatedly come back to every few months. RTS' are one of those genres that have a tough time penetrating the brains of normal, mainstream humans. But if you, like me, have the kind of robotic tin-brain built to strategise and click a mouse until you lose feeling in your arm then I highly recommend picking it up again.

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User Comments

dazzadavie's Avatar


Finished the last DLC for LA Noire and it now sits nicely in my 100% completed list. Enjoyed that game very much even game me some lol moments which I wasn't expecting.

Started American McGee's Alice remake from Alice: Madness Returns, Now that's a remake with minimal remake in it. I think they gave it a bigger resolution and converted it for console play.
But none of this hurts it at all, the Quake look and feel really works for it. At first I thought how ***** it was but nearing the end I've come to love it and wish that I had played it when it was first released.
The wife is getting worried though as it has started something, I'm on a Alice mad one and currently listening to the books!
Posted 10:03 on 15 August 2011
dav2612's Avatar


I started a 2nd play through of Fallout 3 and I'm going down a more evil route this time.

I've been playing some Dirt 3 which is rather good and one of the few games that draws me into the online component. The Jam Session modes are a good distraction from the serious stuff.

I made a start on Donkey Kong Country Returns and very much enjoying it.
Posted 09:24 on 15 August 2011
Endless's Avatar


Just started playing EDF:IA again, the break from it has obviously done me good; Just beat the daddy long legs on Inferno :) Still need a boat load of cash for weapons buying though.

I may start as Jet soon, I just lvoe the SOUND of the weapon names for the higehr tier stuff I keep collecting lol.

Tiny bit of Bastion earlier today, I think i'm definitely gonna have to turn some idols off, otherwise i'm gonna get frustrated lol.

Most of the week though i've been working on my new project, should hopefully have a working proof-of-concept in the next couple of days; I'll be sure to update my incredibly popular thread when I do ;)
Posted 00:43 on 15 August 2011
Wido's Avatar


Oblivion for me! Determined to get everything that game has to offer. Finished the Shivering Isles DLC, and now moved onto the guilds. Got myself a copy of L4D2 again, so any members fancy having a co-op night, just pm me!

L4D2 has definitely hit the spot again. I enjoyed tonight's play with Clockpunk and Ghost5. I also bought Dungeon Siege III which I am yet to play. Oblivion first then Dungeon Siege III. I will be borrowing Deus Ex from my brother, which is all groovy! :D
Posted 22:12 on 14 August 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


red dead doing a lot of hunting :D also bit of pes 09 anf fifa 11 ultimate team coming along nicely
Posted 21:19 on 14 August 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Call of Duty Black Ops (Finished on Veteran wooo) and a bit of The Witcher (Amazing but some of the dialog make me laugh at how atrocious it is ^_^)
Posted 21:02 on 14 August 2011
Gollum_85's Avatar


Borderlands - found the mine key at Sledge's Safehouse after taking ages to defeat the level boss. Put it on the next day to find the game didn't save - raging!!
Posted 20:25 on 14 August 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I've been designing an Excel spreadsheet to handle crop rotations and production facilities to maximise revenue channels to my outlets in... Farm Town on Facebook. I guess it's StarCraft 2 for pacifists.

Also started on LA Noire which is one of the most annoying 'if you get it wrong you gotta start all over if you're a perfectionist' games I've played in a long time. The facial capture stuff is good though, would love to see it in all games.

And a couple of games of Poker in Test Drive Unlimited 2 just to consolidate my top 30 leaderboard position. I haven't driven a car in that game for months, something is wrong there surely?

Most of my gaming thoughts this week have involved Borderlands 2, can't wait!
Posted 19:17 on 14 August 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Nothing... that's right nothing!!

(Apart from a couple of online games of Black Ops)
Posted 16:32 on 14 August 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Just Ocarina of Time 3D this week really. Just tidying up a few side quests before I hit the Shadow Temple.

I picked up Street Fighter IV one day half drunk and got to Seth on Hardest then gave up. Beat most opponents first time as well.
Posted 16:10 on 14 August 2011


Fallout: New Vegas - Started it on Monday-ish and finished it on Friday in about 20 hours. I followed the Caeser's Legion story this time round and it was alright. There's one point where find out that Caeser is ill and Bethesda could have done so much more with this. What they actually did was, have your character perform surgery on him and then, pooft, he's all better.

An underappriciated game, in my opinion and I'm not too sure what the point of Hardcore mode is either - It didn't add an extra challenge, more an of an inconvinience. And when my companion died, I didn't feel like I should try it again, I just went and got another.

StarCraft 2 - Can't say anything I haven't before. It's brilliant and amazing etc.

Chaos Theory HD - It was announced on Tuesday that the Splinter Cell HD collection would be coming to the PS Store no other day but Wednesday, which is some crazy PR. But, I wasn't complaining, I had had this pre ordered since April time and got more and more disappointed with each delay. So, the digital versions coming out a month before theboxed release was certainly good news for me!
Posted 16:02 on 14 August 2011

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