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Latest Articles for Final Fantasy VII Plays July 25, 2014

Cars, shurikens, old games, and road trips.

4 Publish date Jul 26 Plays July 5, 2013

Another week. Another chunk of games have been played...

15 Publish date Jul 5 2013

Final Fantasy VII now available on Steam

Enhanced PC version hits Steam.

7 Publish date Jul 4 2013

Final Fantasy 7 out today on PC, says PEGI

Final Fantasy 7 could be released on PC as early as today.

4 Publish date Aug 14 2012

Final Fantasy VII released and pulled over DRM issues

Square Enix's online shop might have jumped the gun on its digital PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII, with the store taking the game down quickly after making it available for sale.

Publish date Aug 6 2012

Final Fantasy VII to be re-released on PC with achievements and character boosters

Square Enix confirms version optimised for the latest PC hardware.

1 Publish date Jul 4 2012

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the lore certainly matters to me. Each NPC on their own journey, some of which come to tragic conclusions, okay, all of which.

Final Fantasy VII now available on Steam in Article Comments

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It's a bit more complicated than that. In order to apply the full aspects of those mods, you actually have to 'convert' the digital release into the CD release. Or rather, strip out the new...

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