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After promising to re-evaluate their plans to merge servers following poor fan feedback, Square Enix has announced it will begin the merge in March after all.

Writing on the FF XIV Lodestone website, the studio states the merge will take place on March 27 in order to "improve the player experience during the period up to the launch of FFXIV version 2.0."

Square Enix states that "new worlds may be added in the future, for example after the relaunch or when player numbers increase."

Starting March 1, users will be able to use the site's world transfer application to choose which server they wish to join on a first-come-first-served basis.

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User Comments

BC_Animus's Avatar

BC_Animus@ FantasyMeister

60k-100k isn't that bad compared to some, though probably not what the company wants. It might be losing money now, but if they scrap it completely it'd lose any chance of earning any of it back in the future, as well as any chance of redeeming themselves in the eyes of the market/investors.

Besides Square-Enix have promised to work on the game until it's polished and worthy of the FF name - it wouldn't be honorable to stop development now, so for their sake I hope they don't scrap the game. Don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't wanna see an office full of Japanese devs gutting themselves.

Anyways it might not ever reach WoW figures, but at the very least they'll get a short rush of players when the PS3 version and the promised 2.0 patch arrives. FF players can be very loyal, it'll be okay...
Posted 09:16 on 21 February 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I should have been clearer with my thoughts (lack of sleep sorry) - what I meant is if one shard holds 1500-2000 players at peak, and there are 10 shards, that's roughly 60k-100k subscribers, is that enough to keep FFXIV running?

It just strikes me that the whole FFXIV project must be like a black hole sucking in lots of Yen with no returns at present.
Posted 15:43 on 20 February 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


I'm looking forward to mergers actually. right now the shard I'm on is a ghostland, and I have had no replies from my repeated calling for groups for the odd group quests that ARE in the game. been back in there for about three weeks now, thus far only been able to strike up one single conversation. and the few people I do see in the wild have been the type to run up to you and harvest out the node from right under you, and run off without a word. Ah well, at least no one's being asses on the shout channel.
Posted 12:52 on 20 February 2012
Geraface's Avatar

Geraface@ FantasyMeister

The suggestion is that they already have 10 shards worth of users across 18 servers so it's doubtful they'll be hit financially by eradicating eight of those.
Posted 12:40 on 20 February 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


So if they end up with just 10 shards as indicated is that enough of an MMO population to keep the game running financially?
Posted 11:20 on 20 February 2012

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