Far Cry 4 screenshot
Far Cry 4 screenshot

Ubisoft has detailed Far Cry 4's Keys to Kyrat program, a feature that will let players invite their friends to play co-op even if they don't own the game.

Available exclusively with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 version, the program gives players 10 keys which can be given to PSN friends who do not own the game, allowing them to jump in and join in the co-op action.

These keys grant access to the open world for a 2-hour trial period, in which you can explore Kyrat and take down outposts, as well as gain in-game rewards.

Far Cry 4 launches November 18 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: press release

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TenBensons's Avatar


2 Hours seems a bit pathetic tbh Althought the whole process will be roughly 4 hours

"hey mate, here have this key so you can play with me for a couple of hours!"

"Ok then. Iv'e just gotta wait for it to download all 50gb first, ETA 2 hours"

I have a feeling this Far Cry is going to be *****. I mean it looks like it plays just like 3, but with more Elephants. I think I'll skip this one.
Posted 12:40 on 13 August 2014
Nxs's Avatar


Even though I like this idea, I buy the game and then give keys out to my buddies so they can play and get the word out on the game, an even better solution would be to HAVE A DAMN DEMO!!

Posted 20:16 on 12 August 2014

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