Far Cry 3 screenshot
Far Cry 3 screenshot

Far Cry 2 was generally very well-received by critics, earning a whopping great 9 from VideoGamer.com. That said, even the game's biggest fans took issue with the many enemy checkpoints - the guard posts that seemed to magically restore themselves at very short intervals.

Now, Far Cry 3 lead game designer Jamie Keen has confirmed that checkpoints will return for next year's release, but in a way that will address past issues.

"The checkpoints, I think we're trying to fix something there," lead designer Keen told VideoGamer.com at Ubisoft's summer showcase this week. "I think they're trying to give you something to do as you're moving around in the world, and that's certainly something we're trying to do as well. I think they were trying to do something that perhaps they didn't have enough time to implement in the way they would have liked to have done, fully. We're trying to fix it. We're not trying to get rid of elements of the gameplay per se. Some things will go, some things will stay."

Part of the problem is that Far Cry 2's checkpoints didn't really mesh with the rest of the world, said Keen.

"It's really really important that you feel engaged as you are moving around and that you feel there's a diversity there in the world - that it's a living world. I think that was one of the bits with the checkpoints that slightly fell over - it was too much of a look behind the curtain. You move away, and then you come back and the massive, involved firefight you've just had is completely forgotten. They served their purpose, but again, we want to give more of a feeling of a natural world that's going on around you, one that's progressing with or without you around.

Another notorious feature in Far Cry 2 was the fact that your weapon could rust, occasionally jamming up in the middle of a lethal firefight. This mechanic was notably absent from the E3 demo, so we asked Keen if the degradable weapon system had definitely been ruled out.

"As of right now, no," he replied. "Everything is on the table right now."

If you're one of the people who hated this kind of feature don't despair: Ubisoft is well aware of your feelings.

"These things are very debatable, and they're going to divide people down the middle. So I think if we're looking, we're going to measure them [these features] against what we've got in the whole game. If they pass muster, then yeah we'll make sure they're in there and really contributing to the game. But if not, there are going to be certain elements that might not be appropriate."

Recently Ubisoft said Far Cry 3 will be 10 times the scale of its predecessor.

Far Cry 3 is due for release in 2012.

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User Comments

Lannister's Avatar


I liked Far Cry 2. But I hope they make enemy bases/camps respawn slower. I hated that I would have to constantly clean out a base that I killed off only a few minutes ago. Also the mobile patrolling cars where a little annoying in my opinion. If they at least fix the first feature I will be glued to Far Cry 3 for a long time.
Posted 05:27 on 13 January 2012
grinder's Avatar


FC2 is a great game, in spite of lack of time for gaming I'm playing for the 3rd time now.
I really hope at least some elements will be kept in FC3, especially mentioned jamming and health system. So many "casual" and "push to win" games these days...
Posted 16:03 on 20 July 2011
falconeagle's Avatar


I liked the jamming, it added great tension especially during the firefights, the health system was great too. What clockpunk said about certain guard stations being friendlies and others being your enemies would be great. Looking at your map and seeing a hostile camp up ahead will make you decide if you proceed (and how you will proceed about taking them out), or go around and find an alternate route. I loved Farcry 2 and am glad they are keeping the mechanics fans of the game liked. Every game should not be for everyone and between the people who like AC, Rayman, Call of Juarez and the other side who like Farcry 2, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six, Ubisoft has enough variety in their stable to take a few risks and I like it. Now they should bring back the new Prince of Persia :(
Posted 13:13 on 16 July 2011
Wido's Avatar


Here is hoping that saving the game will be better. So far & few between regarding the safehouses. The game has me interested but I need some hard info that they have implemented improvements from FC2.
Posted 17:35 on 15 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar



The jamming weapons is an ok mechanic, but the guarded checkpoints need serious work. They just seemed to fit in with the rest of the country in the sense that everyone started opening fire on you immediately. Depending upon affiliation, jobs done, bribes, and whatnot, it should be possible to pass through such points without being shot at every single time with no chance of sneaking/negotiating your way through.

IF they can be implemented in this fashion, I'd be a lot happier knowing they may make a return.
Posted 16:58 on 15 July 2011

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