Resident Evil 5 screenshot
Resident Evil 5 screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Resident Evil 5, PS3
While you're going to have to wait until Monday for all the juicy details, most of my week has been spent playing Capcom's latest in its long-running survival horror series. I rank Resident Evil 4 as one of my favourite games of all time, so I was more than a little excited to see what Capcom had cooked up for the sequel. I'm tongue-tied slightly, but I can probably get away with saying that a lot of crazy stuff goes down over the course of the game, the co-op works really well, and there are some pretty cool unlockables. It looks incredible too. Capcom has got some great next-gen technology that produces excellent results on both 360 and PS3 - some of the scenes in Resi 5 are true jaw to the floor moments that will be talked about for a very long time.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh screenshot

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Watchmen: The End is Nigh, XBLA
On Wednesday I trotted along to the BAFTA cinema in Piccadilly to watch... Watchmen. I'm not here to tell you what I think of the film (it wasn't bad, but nowhere near as good as the comic). I'm here to tell you about the Watchmen game, The End is Nigh, a downloadable game on XBLA, PSN and PC. While sipping on free booze and chatting with my impossibly attractive and trendy (yeah, right, this is the games industry!) peers at BAFTA, I sat down in a comfy chair and had a go on the game of the film of the comic. It's a bare-bones fighting game that sees Rorschach and Nite Owl fighting countless thugs as they attempt to bring down Underboss. But there are snippets in there that suggest it could have been... OK. The graphics are great for a download-only title and some of the attacks - Rorschach can head butt enemies and elbow them in the skull as they're laying on the ground - look brutal. Ah well.

Street Fighter IV screenshot

James Orry, News Editor - Street Fighter IV, PS3
I've been playing more FM Live, but I thought I'd share an experience with SF4 instead this week. After work earlier this week Seb and I found ourselves stuck in the office waiting for others to return from various meetings. To kill time I thought I'd challenge our whipper-snapper video producer to some bouts of Street Fighter IV - he'd been taking one-on-one lessons with Wez so fancied his chances. About an hour later and I'd secured 20 wins to Seb's two. The man who gets mocked for only ever playing FM Live managed to absolutely trounce the guy who's been practising each and every day. In fairness I did play a lot of SF back when it was released on the Mega Drive and Seb only touched the series for the first time when SF4 was released, but that doesn't stop me making sure everyone knows his arse was handed to him on a plate.

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User Comments

xboxlive's Avatar


this week i have not had alot lot of time to play games are come on to the site,but i did get round to finishing playing rock band 1.
Posted 10:40 on 11 March 2009
Jarus's Avatar


Empire Total War has stolen all my gaming time this week and all I've done is finish Road to Independence and start my first few turns as Great Britain. Aside from a few glitches early on* it's been excellent despite all the usual problems that accompany a new Total War game, but much like it's predecessors I'm sure I'll be playing it long into the future.

*CTD's and flickering UI that were easily fixed by disabling Adaptive AA and ticking 'use application settings' under Anti-Aliasing in Catalyst

Also any date on when the Empire: Total War review will be up on this site?
Posted 20:56 on 09 March 2009
Woffls's Avatar


I've been playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and a little bit of Guitar Hero III on my 360. But mostly I've been playing Blocked, Nano and Crayon Physics on iPhone. Nothing awfully interesting, apparantly, but I don't really feel like playing lots of games at the moment :|
Posted 14:45 on 09 March 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Ridge Racer 6, GRID, GTA IV - all three only because the kids were round so just quick blasts really. My main gaming this week has been Phantasy Star Universe, resubscribed because I had this strange craving to level something up and PSU always satisfies that craving by giving me lots of little numbers to increase.

On a side note:

Ridge Racer 6 - bit boring
GRID - best replays ever, but restrictive in terms of cars, more choice/customisation please
GTA IV - always fun
PSU - best level'em up
Posted 12:12 on 09 March 2009
Rickitis's Avatar


Ive played Killzone 2 literally every day this week but once I'm ranked up online I'm not sure how much lasting value the game will have.
Posted 11:07 on 09 March 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar


I was playing empire total war which was amazing and i also played kz2, mgs 4 and a bit of gta 4
Posted 10:07 on 09 March 2009
Wido's Avatar


I've been playing Killzone 2, the online play is way too addictive and the ranking up system isn't that much of a problem as I thought it would be. Still got some torphies to get offline so I ain't finished with Killzone 2 just yet.

Very rare sight indeed that I actually put in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, as I was debating whether to play PoP or TRU but in the end a bit of mud-plugging in the Pacific went down swimmingly.

360 wise been playing a lot of Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine from the Ultimate Megadrive Collection. It sure does bring back some good memories when I was kid. If it was this compared to Tetris then Mean Bean Machine shall win hands down.

I've also continued playing Splinter Cell Double Agent as last time I played it, I'd left it that was doing the mines for the bombs in JBA Headquarters part 2. Did the JBA Headquarters part 2 and done 2 achievements as well, so its a good feeling being a ghost whilst the guards are so dumb to relize what is happening in there very front two eyes.

So yes some gaming in the past week and this weekend, I also recommend people to download WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. Its very good thought keep playing till you get use to the controls it shall even be up there with Smackdown Vs Raw.
Posted 06:06 on 09 March 2009

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