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Free-to-play MMO Fallen Earth has come to Steam, according to publisher Gamersfirst.

The game can be downloaded via the Steam client while purchases can be made using Steam Wallet.

However, users who purchased the game either in retail or through its original release on Steam will receive three days of commander Premium along with the Hermit Crab pet, Trashy.

Achievements earned through Steam previously will also be synced in the next few days.

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO that combines FPS and RPG styles. The game was initially launched in 2009 and adopted its F2P model in late 2011.

Interested users can access the game here.

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BC_Animus's Avatar


It switched to F2P a few months ago. It's not as polished as the bigger named MMOs out there, but it actually has some pretty decent writing and quest/level designs. The opening tutorial sold me on the game when I first tried it. And it was amazing, seeing all the little random quests and areas all tieing together as you proceeed further into the game. It's like the more you do, the richer the experience becomes.

Has a decent sense of humour, with funny text and dialog all over the game world. I just love walking around and listening to the NPCs saying funny little things to me and each other - for example there were two NPCs playing cards with each other in a building, and one of them keeps calling "go fish" and such, while the other guy's getting more and more frustated, trying to explain that they're playing poker. Ends with him giving up, saying he's not going to play cards with other guy any more.

Has a very good savaging/crafting system too. The community isn't as good as they were at launch, but it was still pretty friendly (for the most part) and active last time I was on, and the GMs and their volunteer helpers are always on, and friendly as heck.

I don't know, I really enjoyed this game when I was on. I enjoyed the experience, and I must say there is just something unique about being about to ride literrally for hours across barren apocalyptic wastelands, with your dog running by your side, and tumbleweed and dust blowing across the lands in the background.
Posted 15:09 on 24 February 2012
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Spoiler - it's not very good.
Posted 11:13 on 24 February 2012

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