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Fable III screenshot
Fable III screenshot

Q: What about on the morality front in that case? Obviously Fable is a very morality-based game but there are other, more hyper-realistic games like Heavy Rain that have similar moral themes of good and evil. I’m wondering if there are any other games that have influenced that aspect of Fable 3?

JA: Certainly. I mean, I think Heavy Rain was a brilliant game and I have no problem singing David Cage’s praises. I was lucky to meet him one time, he’s a brilliant man and I think the whole team at Quantic Dream are fantastic. For us we definitely will be inspired by stuff that they do and other people do. But when it comes to morality in Fable we started the franchise with the idea that every choice has a consequence. Morality as its own thing, with very black and white decisions gets old for us. Because life isn’t just about good or bad, there are lots of shades of grey in between. We wanted to ask questions that weren’t so straight-forward and really made you think. And we had that experience at the end of Fable 2 with the question at the end of the game where it’s very difficult to say what is the right answer. People have talked to us about that particular moment in the game and for us we wanted to try and capture that. When it comes to morality, yes we’re going to have some decisions that are very straight forward, good or bad, but then we really want to try to give ones that make you ask: "What is the right thing to do here, what is moral?" I think that’s a very interesting question as players.

Q: I had read that a lot of people who had played Fable 2 weren’t actually aware of the amount of things you could really do in-game. How did you go about to make it more obvious for the players?

JA: There are two things we’ve done in that respect. The first thing is that we’ve tried to integrate a lot of the features into the actual core experience of the game. [Many of the features have] been tangential, but now we’re giving you a better reward and a bigger reason to do it and we’re pointing you toward it a bit more. Then we’re trying to advertise them better. So for things like Road to Rule the reason that some of the expressions and relationship systems are built into that is so that as a player you see and go "Oh, I didn’t know I could do that!" Like house buying and house editing. We’ve made them relatively inexpensive unlocks but you still have to make the conscious decision to unlock them and therefore it’s in your mind as something you can do.

Fable III is due for release on Xbox 360 on October 29, with a PC version to follow.

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