Fable III

Rise to power in the third game in the fatasy RPG series.

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Four games that need a new ending, Mass Effect 3-style.

Mass Effect 3 isn't the only game to have a cack ending. Here are four more - and we know just how to fix them!

12 Publish date Jun 27 2012

OXM suggests Fable IV coming in 2013

While the next game in the Fable series is the Kinect-enabled The Journey, the fourth game in the traditional series is set to return in 2013 if an OXM rumour is to be believed.

Publish date Aug 22 2011

Rushed Fable 3 has changed Lionhead for the better

Peter Molyneux admits his disappointment in the final product of Fable III, blaming a lack of time during development as the primary issue.

1 Publish date Jun 28 2011

No Fable III PC demo planned

Major Nelson report incorrect.

Publish date May 12 2011

Fable III Preview

Albion PC soon, too

Publish date Apr 13 2011

Fable III PC system requirements revealed

Lionhead's PC port only requires modest rig to run.

Publish date Mar 31 2011

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Fable Trilogy goes chicken-kicking next month in Article Comments

Dreamcaster's Avatar

These games had such high promise. I was let down with the first one & I bought into the hype that the 2nd one was going to correct the first title's mistake but I'm happy to say I wasn't...

Free Xbox Games with Gold can still be played even if you cancel Xbox LIVE Gold subscription in Article Comments

altaranga's Avatar

I thought so too. Perhaps it wasn't confirmed. I still haven't dl'd any of them though.

Lionhead teases HD remake of original Fable in Article Comments

sycholect's Avatar

If this truly is all new assets, no more Petey, keep the combat ( please keep the FB:TLC combat) and some new added content where I can finally plant that *****ing tree. Then I'll probably end up...

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Developer: Lionhead
Publisher: Microsoft
Genre: RPG
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