Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War II screenshot
Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War II screenshot

PC gaming will never die, the producer of upcoming PC only RTS Dawn of War 2 has bullishly claimed.

Speaking in an interview with VideoGamer.com, to be published next week, associate producer Jeff Lydell said that while game piracy is "not going away", as long as people want PCs they'll want PC games.

The death of PC gaming has been one of 2008's hot topics, with a number of high profile game developers bemoaning PC game sales and the threat of piracy.

Recently Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux told VideoGamer.com that the PC gamer market was "in tatters". LucasArts explained to us in an interview from earlier in the year that it wasn't doing a PC version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed because of the vast differences in power of PCs in people's homes and the lack of scalability of the game.

Earlier in the year Ubisoft Shanghai creative director Michael de Plater told VG247 that a PC version of EndWar would most likely be shipping alongside the console SKUs if it wasn't for rampant PC piracy, and that copyright theft is essentially destroying the PC games market.

Lydell told VideoGamer.com: "PC gaming has been 'dead' since 1994 and it continues to 'die' every year. But that's obviously not true, because there are people playing PC games. It's just that we're seeing changes in the types of PC games they're playing. A lot of the things that the PC had that were exclusive to it, like online experiences, are starting to come over to consoles - so it's less of a hold-out for that kind of social interaction. There's Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network - even the Wii has online components. So back in the day when Quake was defining how gamers interacted with each other online, PC gaming was 'dying' then! And I'd consider that to be the golden days. The N64 didn't kill it, the PlayStation 2 didn't kill it, and I don't think any of the upcoming consoles will kill it."

When asked if he thought PC gaming will ever die, Lydell replied: "No. It'll die the day we stop having PCs! Right now, we all want to have PCs. We're seeing some changes where people are adopting laptops more. Maybe in the future when we're using integrated devices that aren't quite PCs, we'll see games on those instead. But PC gaming isn't dying."

On the issue of piracy, he admitted: "It's certainly a threat to triple A gaming. It makes developers and publishers reluctant to invest large amounts of money in a just-pc product, unless there's some form of guarantee. Sometimes they hedge their bets with cross-platform developments, sometimes it's persistent online stuff that you need to subscribe to.

"But piracy is not going away," he added. "As an industry, piracy is something we have to work around, not something to try and eliminate - because that's a losing fight."

You'll find a brand new hands-on preview of the game, which is shaping up wonderfully, right here.

What do you think about Lydell's statements on PC gaming? Let us know in the comments section below.

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free_willy's Avatar


A bit of positive feeling about pc gaming! w00t! To me pc gamin is a different beast. Far superior to console gaming and i love them both. FPS Games belong on pc with a keyboard and mouse. This is something that console games can't match. Only prob i see is with the EA giant turning their backs on PC gaming. That will cause us all grief.
Posted 10:15 on 04 January 2009
dreamhunk's Avatar
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pc gaming is far from dying and pircay is not going to stop pc gaming.



you can't play console games when you don't have a tv and tv these days are dying.
Posted 11:13 on 14 December 2008
thpcplayer's Avatar


(pc)Gaming for life. G4L
Posted 10:57 on 13 December 2008
Netmind's Avatar


I was commenting your last statement in your first comment.
But I agree with you, I'm a PC gamer myself.
Posted 10:33 on 13 December 2008
Jarus's Avatar
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Yeah Mods really do add so much to PC gaming look at Vanilla Oblivion, I think it wasn't mentioned by Relic in this article as DoW2 won't be very mod friendly from what I can remember.
Posted 20:05 on 12 December 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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look at pc gaming


pc gaming is bigger and will never heck there is free quaility games outthere
Posted 19:45 on 12 December 2008
Jarus's Avatar
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Of course PC gaming will never die there will always be someone in a basement designing games. Although I do think developers need to take a reality check if they think if piracy stopped tomorrow they'd get an increase in sales. Personally if the bloated publishers like EA etc want to remove themselves from the PC arena I'd be more than happy for them to go, more room for Developers/Publishers who give a sh*t about their customers
Posted 19:03 on 12 December 2008
Netmind's Avatar


When someone do, there wont be a long time till someone gets it back.
Too bad really, hate what piracy has done to my PC exclusives!!
Posted 18:56 on 12 December 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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wow just wow last comment pc gaming has all genres. Pc gaming has created all genres. You know pong it wasn't the frist game ever made. It was a pc game that was the first game ever made. Pc gamers made companies like anet,blizzard,epic games,bio-ware,Id software. It pc gamers that lift up new companies like stardock,cdproject and crytek.

The same pc gamers can make new games new tittles and support new game devs!

if a game dev wants to leave then fine, if a game dev wants to take his IP then fine. Pc gamers will have another replacement to take over. Pc gaming will always be better because with adaving hardware.

console gaming is like the ice queen

pc gaming is like borg queen


if there is a ression pc gaming will be fine, if there is a deprssion pc gaming will be fine.
Posted 17:44 on 12 December 2008
Wido's Avatar


I shall agree there but, however I do like playing PC games but most of my games are on the console.

The games that I normally play on the PC are these lovelies:

Command & Conquer
Football Manger

Just them three keep me entertained when I fancy having ago on the PC, than playing the console. But we will see whether PC gaming will die or not, with all that said PC gaming have a lot to catch up on. Doesn't matter about the massive subscribers on WOW or putting games out on the front like Crysis conversion is probably the only way now.
Posted 16:58 on 12 December 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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I like your post, I would agree with everthing in it. There is now gaming laptops but they are not as good as desk tops yet. however they are working on it. Imean the hardware companies any way.

I am sure someone will figure out how to beat pircay.
Posted 16:53 on 12 December 2008

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