Tom Clancy's EndWar

A new brand in the Tom Clancy series of video games focussing on the strategic side of war. Score:


Our Verdict: most PC gamers will find the experience too dumbed down to warrant investigation. On console EndWar is good. On PC it's in over its head.

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EndWar: An After Action Report

Ubisoft's Michael De Plater tells us what went right and what went wrong.

1 Publish date Jul 23 2009

Ubisoft Shanghai working on EndWar sequel

'Smaller team' addressing storytelling and depth complaints.

8 Publish date Jul 22 2009

Heads-up: What's new this week

A look ahead to Friday's new releases.

7 Publish date Feb 24 2009

Pre-purchase EndWar and get GRAW free

Stream promotion running until EndWar launches on Feb 26.

2 Publish date Feb 20 2009

Ubisoft release dates January-June

I Am Alive scheduled for a surprise Q1 2009 debut.

1 Publish date Jan 21 2009

Relic: PC gaming will never die

But piracy is not going away.

11 Publish date Dec 12 2008

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Ubisoft Shanghai working on EndWar sequel in Article Comments

Lesereyes's Avatar

I have had my own copy of EndWar for quite a while, but it wasn't until recently that I started playing it again and I wanted to play with a friend of mine. I don't have Xbox Live so it's not like...

EndWar: An After Action Report in Article Comments

MattLive's Avatar

Would love to see PS3 motion sensor controller use on EndWar2. A mix of using both standard controller/motion controller and/or hand gesture with one hand would be awesome to mix both the precision...

Heads-up: What's new this week in Article Comments

rico_rico's Avatar

microsoft didin't make the best decision because not all people love rts games I hope the next halo coming this years will be even better than halo 3

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System Requirements
Release Date: 27/02/2009
Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Strategy
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 16,240 242
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