Fallout: New Vegas screenshot
Fallout: New Vegas screenshot

Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart is of the opinion that large scale games like Fallout: New Vegas are hard to get bug-free, but does wish that the game had shipped in a less glitchy state. Still, he's proud of the game his studio delivered.

"Now in the case of Fallout: New Vegas, we made a gigantic game, and I'm proud with what we were able to do but I wish it wasn't as glitchy when it came out," Urquhart told Play (via Nowgamer). "The criticisms people had are fair but it's difficult to get a game the size of New Vegas bug free. But that's an excuse and it doesn't matter when someone's paid $60 for a game. It's something we need to work on."

Speaking about Obsidian's reputation for being a studio that ships bug-ridden software, Urquhart had mixed feelings.

"I think it's fair and unfair at the same time, because in the same conversation that I hear how buggy KOTOR and Alpha Protocol were, I also hear how great they were."

The studio's next game, Dungeon Siege III, is using Obsidian's own tech, and this has made it easier to find the bugs.

"From the standpoint of Dungeon Siege III, we've been working very hard to make sure it doesn't happen again," Urquhart added. "We've been playing and playing and playing and playing to ensure it's of a high standard. On top of this, this is the first time we've got to use our own technology on something, which means we know where to find the bad bugs from the start!"

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It's true that Fallout: New Vegas shipped with some terrible bugs, but that didn't stop it from receiving some excellent review scores and great commercial success. Are bugs a big problem in games of this size?

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It was pretty buggy... but I don't think it effected the game for those who really like the Fallout franchise. A lot of people have love for NV even though it was buggy.

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Personal favorite.
Posted 11:40 on 11 May 2011
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Of course it is difficult to make large games bug free, most likely impossible if you actually want to release the game but it is NOT difficult to ensure the game is of satisfactory quality before release. there are too many fundamental bugs in some games these days.
Posted 11:07 on 11 May 2011

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