Dragon Age: Origins screenshot
Dragon Age: Origins screenshot

The lack of nudity in the sex scenes in 18-rated fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins was "an artistic choice", developer BioWare has claimed.

Dragon Age: Origins, out now for PC and Xbox 360 and with a PS3 version due before the end of the month, contains a number of sex scenes.

Sex is possible with the game's party members, and with prostitutes in brothels. However, underwear is always worn during sex scenes, despite the game's 18 rating.

"It's an artistic choice by the development team," explained BioWare co-founder and CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka to VideoGamer.com in a wide-ranging interview.

"We don't constrain what they do. We don't strive for gratuitous content. But we also ask the teams to choose a direction and then run with it. That was their choice. That's how they wanted to depict the romantic liaisons in the game, so that's what we did."

We criticised the sex scenes in our review, calling them "horribly animated" and "anti-climactic". The rest of the game, however, is great.

As an 18-rated game, is it right that Dragon Age: Origins does not contain nudity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

John01979's Avatar

John01979@ Bloodstorm

I have to agree it makes really no sense that violence over all is accepted in videos games,but any level of nudity or sex in a game is looked down on it has even lead to some games getting banned,which is likely the real reason why developers like Bioware shy away from it.

Nudity and sex can be a beautiful thing it doesn't always have to be vulgar,it's really all how you go about presenting it,Dragon Age could of done it without it having to be porn.
Posted 00:41 on 13 April 2010


"I've come to fix your dungeon" doesn't quite have the same ring.

Also, how do you do cheesy porn music suitable for a role-playing game? :)
Posted 09:20 on 17 November 2009
DarthKratos7's Avatar


So that means i'm not going to see morrigan in nude?! ughh man :|
Posted 04:19 on 17 November 2009
Pablo_Escobar's Avatar


Nothing's worse then anti-climatic sex.
Posted 23:59 on 16 November 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Well, it's more of a double edged weapon having nudity in games, personally i'm all for it since the levels of violence in games has skyrocketed over the last 8 years, back when i was around 10-11 i'd never had thought a game like Dragons Age was possible. How come nudity in games is looked down upon but violence isn't?

IF you do include sex scenes in a game you should at least do it right, reading the review makes me know they've done it wrong.
Posted 15:04 on 16 November 2009

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