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Dragon Age 3 is definitely coming, developer BioWare has confirmed in a Tweet seeking new talent to work at its Edmonton studio.

"I'm looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3," Tweeted BioWare developer Alistair McNally.

This Tweet was later retweeted by Christina Norman of the Mass Effect team.

This is the first time BioWare has officially said it is working on Dragon Age 3.


VideoGamer.com Analysis

We weren't blown away by Dragon Age 2, so we're hoping the team has taken on board feedback for development of the third game in the series. Read Emily's Dragon Age II review to see what we liked and what didn't quite work.

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Peake-a-boo's Avatar


I got DA1 for about a tenner and loved it. DA2 reviews were ok, would it be worth picking when the price is low?
Posted 16:16 on 21 May 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


I tried DA1 and just couldn't get into it. I didn't even know what to do, where to go or who to speak to. I turned it off after an hour or two play time.
Don't think I'll be buying any of them again.
Posted 13:04 on 21 May 2011


DA 1 was brilliant, DA 2 was mediocre, so I'm willing to give DA 3 a fair chance. So long as it isn't out until at least Q4 2012
Posted 21:03 on 20 May 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


I'll need a LOT of convincing after DA 2...
Posted 20:55 on 20 May 2011


With how DA2 turned out, I doubt I'll be getting DA3.

The Hawke character, and the story itself, doesn't really make me keen to continue the series.

I pre-ordered DA2 special edition too, which in hindsight was a schoolboy error on my part.
Posted 15:23 on 20 May 2011


I guess its cool that it is confirmed, but after DA 2, it had to be coming really
Posted 10:15 on 20 May 2011

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