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Dragon Age: Origins v1.04 Patch

Patch updates both Dragon Age: Origins and the Awakening expansion to v1.04, addressing a number of gameplay issues.

Publish date Jul 20 2010

Dragon Age: Origins: Dalish Trailer

Origin story for the Dalish elf.

Publish date Mar 15 2010

Dragon Age: Origins v1.03 Patch

This patch updates the game to v1.03, fixing a number of gameplay issues and prepares the title for the Awakening expansion pack.

Publish date Mar 10 2010

Dragon Age: Origins: Sigrun Trailer

The survivor Sigrun joins the fight in Awakening.

Publish date Feb 22 2010

Dragon Age: Origins: Return to Ostagar Trailer

The time has come for the Grey Wardens to make their return to Ostagar and exact their revenge upon the darkspawn.

Publish date Feb 8 2010

Dragon Age: Origins v1.02 Patch

This patch includes bug fixes, balance changes, and more.

Publish date Dec 9 2009

Dragon Age: Origins v1.01b Patch

The second patch released by Bioware for their hit RPG game.

Publish date Nov 18 2009

Dragon Age: Origins: Designing the Combat System Feature

BioWare developers discuss the combat system and share a few final thoughts.

Publish date Nov 11 2009

Episode 3

Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. Warning: Features explicit language.

Publish date Nov 9 2009

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Release Date: 06/11/2009
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: RPG
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 18
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