Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising Trailers & Videos for PC

On: PC

Launch Trailer

Fight the Chaos within.

Publish date 12 Mar 2010 at 3:42pm

Last Stand Trailer

A trailer showcasing the new Last Stand heroes in combat.

Publish date 10 Mar 2010 at 4:27pm

Gameplay Trailer

Epic in-game footage of a five player battle.

Publish date 05 Mar 2010 at 8:00am

New Multiplayer Units Feature

This trailer details the free units that players will get for their Space Marine, Ork, Tyranid and Eldar armies when Chaos Rising launches.

Publish date 24 Feb 2010 at 3:44pm

Factions Trailer

The Space Marines have been defending the Imperium for 10,000 years against the corrupted forces of Chaos.

Publish date 05 Feb 2010 at 2:56pm

Dev Diary 1

Lead Designer Daniel Kading talks about the new content featured in Chaos Rising's single player campaign.

Publish date 17 Nov 2009 at 4:22pm

Trailer 2

Aurelia has been lost in the Warp for thousands of years, but has now reappeared...

Publish date 03 Nov 2009 at 12:16pm


The Blood Ravens have saved the sector, but can they save themselves?

Publish date 28 Sep 2009 at 7:07pm

Game Stats

Release Date: 12/03/2010
Developer: Relic Entertainment
Publisher: THQ
Genre: Real-time strategy
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 91 2
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