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Rob Pardo says goodbye to Blizzard

Leaves the World of Warcraft maker after 17 years.

Publish date Jul 4

Blizzard posts 20-year timeline

The timeline is packed with images of old offices, retro box arts, BlizzCons and major studio openings around the world.

Publish date Jul 6 2012

Diablo 3 Act I restriction removed for digital buyers

Customers electing to purchase Diablo III through Blizzard's online store will now be able to progress past Act I and level 13 without having to wait through the whole 72-hour verification process, the developer has confirmed.

2 Publish date Jun 29 2012

The Diablo Legacy

As Diablo 3 gears up for release, Lewis Denby looks back at the legacy of the series that defined a genre.

Publish date May 14 2012

Official Diablo 3 community site launches

Blizzard has launched its official community site for Diablo 3, which currently features a bare-bones offering of promotional videos, screenshots, and a forum.

Publish date Aug 26 2011

Blizzard turns 20

Michael Morhaime and Frank Pearce deliver a message to fans.

Publish date Mar 4 2011

Blizzard launches 2010 writing contest

Submit a short story set in the Warcraft, StarCraft or Diablo universe.

Publish date Jul 6 2010

BlizzCon tickets to go on sale May 16

Live event coverage as a Pay Per View event and internet stream also announced.

Publish date May 6 2009

VideoGamer.com Rumour mill

A round-up of the juiciest rumours being talked about across the internet.

5 Publish date Jun 26 2008

Fan site says Blizzard is acquiring Diablo3.com

Community politely asked to move home so Blizzard can take ownership of the domain.

Publish date May 1 2008

Top 10: Fanboy Nightmares

Gaming events that would literally make the earth shake.

13 Publish date Apr 3 2008

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