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Deep Silver creative director Guido Eickmeyer believes that the controversy surrounding Dead Island Riptide's vulgar Zombie Bait Edition was "blown out of proportion", describing the bloodied female sculpture as nothing more than a "fun idea".

Discussing the edition in a Reddit AMA, Eickmeyer said that the Zombie Bait edition "was just a fun idea. This is something that comes up if fans work on what they love to do," he said. "It was blown out of proportion in the end and we learned our lesson, but it was not meant to be controversial. It was just us nerds doing something we always wanted to do.

"Dead Island is not a super-serious world," he continued, "it is about fun. So yeah, we would not do it again probably".

Dead Island Riptide's Zombie Bait Edition hit the headlines in January for its inclusion of a sculpture of a decapitated, female torso.

Deep Silver later apologised for the "gruesome" statue and said that it "sincerely regret[ted] this choice."

It chose not to withdraw the edition from sale, however, despite claiming that it was "deeply sorry" and "committed to making sure this will never happen again".

Dead Island Riptide launched in April and, according to our review, "in some ways... is worse than the original".

A MOBA spin-off, Dead Island: Epidemic, is due for release next year.


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CheekyLee's Avatar


The fact is that, outside of a few games journalists, there was barely anybody bothered or offended by the statue being on sale. Right now, the Facebook post that announced it has 526 likes, with only 202 comments. Even if every single comment was against the statue, that's less than 50%, but the overwhelming majority of the comments were positive. It doesn't matter how tasteless YOU thought it was, most people didn't agree. I believe Guido is correct when he says it was "blown out of proportion", because most people never even saw it, let alone took offence to it.
Posted 16:33 on 11 August 2013
Victim's Avatar


Exactly, so why then is this condemned too? It's nothing ffs, something so simple. Look at the covers for horror movies. And they are right there on the shelves nice and easy to see, how is this any different? It was almost exclusively online too so WTF?
Posted 16:27 on 10 August 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


And everything you mentioned is (FUNNY ENOUGH) condemned universally.

"or send your money to a part of the world where it really means something."

I don't like giving to charities since most money goes to the upper echelons and hardly any of that money goes to the people who needs it, or in Invisible Childrens case, i'm paying for effectively, mercenary work.
Posted 18:57 on 09 August 2013
Victim's Avatar


In some parts of the world you can pay money to have sex with a child, you can pay to hurt people. You can even pay to eat people. Now tell me how it is wrong for these guys to make this and sell it to people who are interested? If you have a problem with this then it is not for you, move along. If you want to stand up for what is right then go save a *****ing whale, or send your money to a part of the world where it really means something.
Posted 18:50 on 09 August 2013


Just because you can doesn't mean you should, basically.
Posted 22:56 on 08 August 2013
fightclubdoll's Avatar


Agreed. It does say a lot about Deep Silver. They still have no appreciation of why it was so utterly inappropriate. "Just us geeky dudes goofing around... that's why we need blood soaked boobs." It's just sad. You'd think they'd be done with puberty. Or that they at least lived in a world that included some contact with fully fledged human beings beyond their little "boyz only" clubhouse, but apparently not.
Posted 18:56 on 08 August 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Edit- I'm taking this far too personal......
Posted 17:41 on 08 August 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


I have.
Posted 17:40 on 08 August 2013
FrostySphincter's Avatar


Has anybody not yet realised that deep silver are just a bunch of S-Rank knobs?
Posted 17:33 on 08 August 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Absolutely disagree, this was shocking and should never come into reality.

Kinda says a lot about the Deep Silver team if you ask me.

OHHHH and he says it on Reddit of all places where most of the subreddits contain women hating, child pornographers, rape sympathizers and "mens rights" activists.
Posted 17:26 on 08 August 2013

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