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Arma II's successful survival horror mod gets a standalone release.

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DayZ confirmed for PS4

But that's all we know.

2 Publish date Aug 12

Dean Hall 'cautiously optimistic' about DayZ for PS4 & Xbox One

But we could see the game this year, DayZ creator suggests.

Publish date Jun 17

Dean Hall wants DayZ on console 'sooner rather than later'

"I'd be excited to see what could be done with DayZ on a good console port."

Publish date May 8

DayZ standalone has sold 2 million copies in four months

A huge success for a game not yet in beta.

1 Publish date May 2

DayZ standalone sales hit 1.7 million

Original mod has surpassed two million.

Publish date Mar 28

The changing face of death in video games

Video games are growing evermore sophisticated, so why is the approach to digital death so antiquated? John Robertson looks at how some developers are ushering in new beginnings for the ultimate end.

1 Publish date Mar 15

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DayZ confirmed for PS4 in Article Comments

tvr77's Avatar

Me and my nephew was only saying the other day we would love this to come to Playstation. Great news!

by tvr77

DayZ standalone has sold 2 million copies in four months in Article Comments

Rapha1405's Avatar

The replies for the source tweet are awesome^^ "The developers told me not to buy this game cause it's not done yet but I really want to complain about it"

The changing face of death in video games in Article Comments

Syme's Avatar

I was thinking that an other solution to deaths that could work for some games would be to offer a mode where you can't die. So once you're under a certain amount of health the computer takes...

by Syme

Game Stats

Release Date: 16/12/2013
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Genre: Survival Horror
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 354 2
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