RTS mixed with puzzles and spiced up with 80's themed graphics and videogame in-jokes.

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Our Verdict: This is a game that deserves your attention, and despite its flaws, is one of the most refreshing titles to hit the PC in years.

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Humble Introversion Bundle reaches $500,000 in sales

The Humble Introversion Bundle has reached more than $500,000 in sales, and is now offering charming roguelike Dungeons of Dredmor as a bonus.

Publish date Nov 30 2011

Darwinia+ confirmed for XBLA

Will include Darwinia and Multiwinia.

Publish date Mar 26 2008

Darwinia coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade?

ESRB website rates the Xbox 360 version E for Everyone.

Publish date Mar 25 2008

Inside Introversion: A VideoGamer.com documentary

A look inside one of the UK's most successful indie developers.

Publish date Jan 15 2008

Introversion making multiplayer Darwinia

Introversion Software has announced they are working on Multiwinia, a multiplayer version of their hit title Darwinia.

Publish date Feb 27 2007

Codemasters and Introversion amBX-enable games

Philips has announced agreements with Codemasters and Introversion to amBX-enable their games.

1 Publish date Dec 13 2006

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Clockpunk's Avatar

Introversion do make damne fun games - it is a unique game and fantastic setting (that would make Jeff Minter proud! )

Codemasters and Introversion amBX-enable games in Article Comments

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You can get ambient light for any game now at

Game Stats

Release Date: 04/03/2005
Developer: Introversion
Genre: Real-time strategy
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 7+
Site Rank: 11,695 80
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