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A voxel-based RPG, set in a colorful and procedurally generated world.

Latest Articles for Cube World Plays July 12, 2013

The games that have commanded our attention these past seven days...

9 Publish date Jul 12 2013

Cube World: How to setup a multiplayer server

As it stands (in the early stages of the alpha), playing Cube World with your friends requires a little bit of work. Chris has broken the process down into a few easy steps.

2 Publish date Jul 11 2013

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Cube World: How to setup a Multiplayer server? in Article Comments

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When there is no "connect to server" what can i do? Plays July 12, 2013 in Article Comments

dazzadavie's Avatar

State of Decay is kicking my ass. I thought Chris was a bit poor in his videos (but awesome none the less) but no the game is hard. My melee weapons keep breaking and I can't shoot for *****....

Cube World: Extended Play in Article Comments

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Are you guys going to consider playing with some of the forumites? Could be a good game for live-streaming.

by Njeezy

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