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Counter-Strike: Source for PC

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Counter Strike gets a make over.

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More than a third of Steam registered games are never played

17 per cent are played for under an hour, claims new research.

7 Publish date Apr 16 2014

Is Valve working on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

The updated version of the landmark 1999 Half-Life mod will allegedly feature new guns, new grenades, and a major revamp of legendary maps de_Dust and de_Aztec

Publish date Aug 12 2011

Counter-Strike Source updated and out for Mac

New achievements, game engine updates and cross-platform play.

5 Publish date Jun 24 2010

Counter-Strike Source update coming

In beta testing now.

Publish date May 12 2010

Dave Jones wants APB to spawn Fatal1ty-like celebs

Wants players to ‘transcend’ the game.

3 Publish date Jul 22 2009

Dave Jones sees APB lasting for five or ten years

Realtime using Counter-Strike, not MMORPGs, as inspiration for longevity.

Publish date Jul 21 2009

Valve writer would love more Counter Strike

Doesn't know if there will ever be a game called Half-Life 3 or Portal 2.

4 Publish date Jul 3 2009

Valve reveals lifetime retail sales figures

Original Half-Life is the biggest seller with 9.3 million units worldwide.

Publish date Dec 4 2008

Valve announces Steam Cloud

Will back-up save game and configuration settings to make them accessible on any PC.

4 Publish date May 30 2008

Game Stats

Release Date: 01/01/2004
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-16
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 18,762 6
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