Kefka – Final Fantasy VI

Chances are you were expecting Sephiroth somewhere on this list, right? While true that Sephiroth wasn't quite the full shilling, the infamous Kefka of Final Fantasy VI is a much better representation of the term 'psycho'. With a dark sense of humour and trademark high-pitched cackle, Kefka earned himself the nickname 'Psycho Clown' amongst fans, a name that was reflected in his jester-like appearance. The first test subject as a Magiteck Knight, Kefka was gifted with powerful magic, but it was too much for him and shattered his sanity. Immensely powerful and stark raving bonkers at the same time; a combination that doesn't bode well for the heroes of FFVI...

Harman Smith – Killer 7

If we were in a more boisterous mood, we would have used each of Harman Smith's seven personalities as an individual entry in our top 10, but for the benefit of time, space and indeed our own sanity, we have limited the character(s) to a single entry. In his head, Harman Smith assumes the role of one of seven personas (collectively known as the Smith Syndicate), all of which have unique traits that enable him to carry out his duties as an assassin with alarming success. Garcian Smith, Dan Smith, KAEDE Smith, Kevin Smith, Coyote Smith, Con Smith and MASK de Smith are seven parts of a unique killing machine. Harman Smith is not a person you want to be on the wrong sides of.

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Marink's Avatar

Marink@ SexyJams

That's because it's Harman. :p

And I've got quite a few of these games to get/play. I love psychotic characters. :D
Posted 21:23 on 25 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Never even heard of Human Smith,
I also agreed with Dr. Eggman though... what a freak lol :p
Posted 18:33 on 25 February 2010
Wido's Avatar


Haha good list VG :)

Bioshock has some wacky characters which makes the atmosphere with there presence great!
Posted 18:13 on 25 February 2010


Loools, Ima glad that alot of these 'top tens' have Bioshock references.
Posted 14:32 on 25 February 2010
jtorry's Avatar


These aren't numbered - they are just a list of 10
Posted 13:55 on 25 February 2010


See you did it again lol, the feature picture on the front page, is of the person/game that comes first lol, seems weird
Posted 13:53 on 25 February 2010

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