Origami Killer – Heavy Rain

Who is the Origami Killer? I know, but I'm not going to say because that would spoil the surprise. Just know that anyone who kidnaps kids and then drowns them in rainwater is one messed up individual. More so than any other game, Heavy Rain allows players to see into the minds of each of its protagonists, making the eventual reveal something very special indeed. It's one of the greatest 'who dunits' in video game history.

James Lynch – Kane and Lynch

Paranoid, schizophrenic, and completely out of his mind, James Lynch is one of video games most illustrious nut jobs. Doctors were obviously aware of this too, as Lynch is required to take prescribed medication to keep his raging psychotic outbursts in check. If it wasn't for his slightly more rational sidekick Kane, there's no telling what kind of trouble Lynch would find himself in. Despite his somewhat unstable nature, Lynch is a top guy to have on side in the midst of a violent and bloody struggle with a heavily armed mercenary group. Kane's a lucky guy.

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Marink's Avatar

Marink@ SexyJams

That's because it's Harman. :p

And I've got quite a few of these games to get/play. I love psychotic characters. :D
Posted 21:23 on 25 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Never even heard of Human Smith,
I also agreed with Dr. Eggman though... what a freak lol :p
Posted 18:33 on 25 February 2010
Wido's Avatar


Haha good list VG :)

Bioshock has some wacky characters which makes the atmosphere with there presence great!
Posted 18:13 on 25 February 2010


Loools, Ima glad that alot of these 'top tens' have Bioshock references.
Posted 14:32 on 25 February 2010
jtorry's Avatar


These aren't numbered - they are just a list of 10
Posted 13:55 on 25 February 2010


See you did it again lol, the feature picture on the front page, is of the person/game that comes first lol, seems weird
Posted 13:53 on 25 February 2010

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