M. Bison – Street Fighter series

The leader of the mysterious Shadloo organisation, M. Bison (known as Vega in Japan) has been a staple ingredient of the Street Fighter series since Street Fighter 2. For proof of the evil dictator's insanity, all you have to do is win a few rounds with him. "Your despair feeds my power!" he sometimes shouts; other times he taunts his defeated foe with the immortal line: "That was delicious!" Even his special moves are based around his mentally unstable tendencies; the powerful Psycho Crusher being one of his signature moves. Bison may be a psycho, but he's a composed and calculated psycho – the worst kind to be up against in a fight.

Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

"So...you like Castlevania, do you?" Psycho Mantis taunts in one of the most memorable boss battles of all time. How the hell does he know that!? This gasmask wearing loon can't actually read my mind can he!? Well, not quite, but FOXHOUND renegade Psycho Mantis can certainly read something: your memory card, and if there are any Konami save games on there, he'll know. It wasn't just this that gave Mantis an unnerving edge, however; after delving too far into the mind of a serial killer in an interrogation, Mantis adopted his appetite for killing, and became psychotic himself as a result. The gas mask that hides his disfigured face only adds to Mantis' deranged persona.

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Marink's Avatar

Marink@ SexyJams

That's because it's Harman. :p

And I've got quite a few of these games to get/play. I love psychotic characters. :D
Posted 21:23 on 25 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Never even heard of Human Smith,
I also agreed with Dr. Eggman though... what a freak lol :p
Posted 18:33 on 25 February 2010
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Haha good list VG :)

Bioshock has some wacky characters which makes the atmosphere with there presence great!
Posted 18:13 on 25 February 2010


Loools, Ima glad that alot of these 'top tens' have Bioshock references.
Posted 14:32 on 25 February 2010
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These aren't numbered - they are just a list of 10
Posted 13:55 on 25 February 2010


See you did it again lol, the feature picture on the front page, is of the person/game that comes first lol, seems weird
Posted 13:53 on 25 February 2010

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