Company of Heroes 2 screenshot
Company of Heroes 2 screenshot

UPDATE: SEGA has told that it is taking complaints over Company of Heroes 2's historical context "very seriously" and "investigating these concerns" with its partners.

"SEGA and Relic are aware of the press stories circulating concerning Company of Heroes 2 and the historical context of the game from a Russian perspective," the publisher told in a statement this afternoon.

"At this time we cannot offer any further comment, however we are taking this issue very seriously and are investigating these concerns thoroughly with all relevant partners."

ORIGINAL STORY: Russian distributor 1C-SoftKlab has suspended sales of Company of Heroes 2 following complaints over the game's portrayal of Soviet military history.

"In connection with appeals of people who consider unacceptable number of episodes of the game, the company '1C-SoftKlab' chose 26 July 2013 to stop selling PC game Company of Heroes 2(developer - Relic Entertainment, publisher - SEGA) in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS," reads a statement published on the company's website (translated via Google).

"At the moment we are analysing the situation and inform the developer and publisher of Company of Heroes 2 ."

1C-SoftKlab describes itself as "the largest publishing and distribution company, [and] a key player in the industry of computer and video games in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe."

Company of Heroes 2 has faced considerable criticism from players in recent days following a video posted by 'Bad Comedian' explaining "Why Russians Hate Company of Heroes 2".

The video accuses Relic's portrayal of the Soviet military as being inaccurate, and calls the team "shameless scumbags".

At the time of writing, almost 17,000 people had signed a petition asking Valve to pull the game from Steam in CIS territories in order to "protect the young people from [Company of Heroes 2's] propaganda".

Negative user reviews have also flooded Metacritic, lowering the average user score to 1.5.

"Your game dishonours memory of my ancestors. And the memory of Millions of soldiers and officers of the Red Army, whom liberated the world from the Nazi plague," wrote one user.

"I've never saw a game about the Great Patriotic War that has such big amount of lie and twisting of the historical facts. Your game is more like a product of the German propaganda of 1939-1945, and it's not the game which people play in free world in the 21st century." has contacted SEGA for comment.


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mjetinen's Avatar

mjetinen@ Stalinizator

Problems with your "rant" are quite plain to see if people would actually read it.
"I honestly doubt that majority knows anything beside USSR is the evil empire that oppressed the jews after Hitler, because western propaganda did not say anything except that ever after WW2." direct quote.

So your telling me, all us westerners dont know about the sovjet space program / rocketry from baikonur ? (here is a few hints,
Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova, sputnik, laika, rocket engines that are still superior to what we "westerners" have (and those was made in the 1970-1980's).

Equal right, you might not know this but Russia at the time (what would become the "big bad" sovjet union actually had in it's "communistic program" woman's suffrage and we are not even talking about the late 30's or even the 40's no, that was in there "october" revolution in 1917, (when only four countrie's before it had adopted this "radical" new idea.)

And those are just some of the big positives that the Sovjetunion has left us.

What about the negativs you might ask, well clearly there has to be some to this fine and yet impressive nation that was the big "scare" in the west.

Most certainly here are a few clip notes, Gulag, repression's under stalin, the military cleanse / pruge that happen in the early 1930's, The roman styled judicial system.

Am i saying that all Russians / soviet union citizen are idiots, morons or brain washed, not at all. (I dont tend to make big and widespread generalization unless they are called for.)

What i am trying to say is that trying to glorify or put down the citizen of any nation without reading BOTH side of there history books and actually asking questions of both sides that are critical in nature will be a disservice to not only yourself and your own historical assumptions, but would be like saying "nope, 1+1 is not 2 it's 10 000" or similar falsitys.
We do not know all of the actions and consequences that those actions sparked, we can only try to get as accurate an answer as possible based on the history that we do know (read have sources, documents, witnesses, pictures, graves, and are backed up by further digging in to the subject).
Posted 15:29 on 14 August 2013
butzmann's Avatar

butzmann@ Tereus

Either is heroine.
Posted 18:39 on 10 August 2013
a_j_vasilyev's Avatar

a_j_vasilyev@ Stalinizator

Man! That was awesome!
Posted 19:20 on 05 August 2013
Stalinizator's Avatar

Stalinizator@ Tereus

Right, it automatically makes the game trueful. Not to say that everyone who reaches 18 in Russia was already brainwashed since birth, such game is a wonderful addition to state anti-Soviet propaganda. But yet no one in the world came that far in telling lies.
At least in gamemaking, for movies like Enemy at the Gates, Brother's war and a Canadian film The Poet, where SSman marries a rabbis daughter, while Soviet partisans are killing jews in Poland in 1940(!) did this before. But yea, western adults are educated enough after decades of brainwashing to say its not true. I honestly doubt that majority knows anything beside USSR is the evil empire that oppressed the jews after Hitler, because western propaganda did not say anything except that ever after WW2.
Having ability to look at how western and some russian 'adults' say this game is trueful, lol even relic employees claim their game is purified truth, after making in-depth 'research' I doubt you could understand anything. And guess whom our western friends would believe? Those brainwashed Russians who have the archives and who operate the facts, or western revisionists who quote soviet dissidents whom they themselves made popular during cold war. And even from those dissidents you wont hear such crap, like we heard from Relic. There were awful mistakes due to low quality of soviet commanders skills, but they were not analyzed and shown, it would be ok if Relic was smart enough to show this, through showing commanders that lack skill, soldiers that lack courage as a background for first months of war. But we see this hypertrophized crap with crazy satanic commanders that have only one aim - to help Nazis win the war, for a minute - Nazis were a natural foe to communists, for ideological differences do not allow them to live together. I expect Molotov-Ribbentrop being invoked here, so I have to parry that after Munich pact USSR had no other choice than to chain itself with Hitler, for otherwise and most likely Hitler would play the game through allying our democratic European friends who are holier than the Pope even after they made whole story with Hitler become true. USSR opposed fascists in Spain, opposed Japanese directly in Mongolia, and indirectly in China together with americans. What did British do? Oh they kept signing peaceful papers and doing nothing on both fronts. Great job. After all USSR would be blamed in starting WW2 together with Hitler. By returning own territories from Poland and not letting Hitler occupy them, our lands, uhum. This cute little polandball that was anti-Soviet since it gained independence and was always rusophobic and had one of the most powerful armies in Europe, but had pathetic and cowardy elite, uhum. There'd be no Hitler at all if not all these friendly games of british and french government.
We are not a nation who fights on foreign territory, we are not developed enough to confront Europe, neither our population is so big to colonize Europe in Chinese style. Our territory is huge and underdeveloped, making it difficult not only to capture, but very difficult to defend too. But nope, Russian tanks don't need fuel, logistics and people do not freeze in winter. There are over 9000 billion of conscripts waiting to be shot for sake of Motherland to make germans scared and flee Russia faster than they advanced. Everything that Russians ever do in eyes of the westerners is being seen as this dumb joke 'in soviet russia', just upside down. In COH we saw valiant Nazis who bravely fought instead. In COH2 these wonderful people appear again to bring civilization to those filthy Russians, but see 'real' Russian nature described in wonderful and 'trueful' game and escape to Berlin. Russians only had to move westwards and take Berlin without a fight, but they kept shooting advancing troops in their backs with machineguns. For advance was too slow. Nazis are cute little guys in the game, just like they were in COH. Not to say these cute and noble boys wear Russian Liberation Army shevrons, hinting us that there are good Russians in these world, beside these mongoloid bastards among whom a noble jew - Lev Abramovich Isakovich had to spend years of his life, fighting for a photograph. Not for his relatives that were to be killed by cute and kind german lads or their collaborants from cute and wonderful 'democratic' countries they used to occupy in real life. If you do not see it, or if you are so shameless to say it is the truth, when you know it is not, i'm sorry for you, my adult and witty friend.
Posted 19:07 on 05 August 2013
Tereus's Avatar


"protect the young people from [Company of Heroes 2's] propaganda". that is just gold. The game is intended for adults.
Posted 17:35 on 05 August 2013

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