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Company of Heroes 2 gets standalone multiplayer game in June

The Western Front Armies to break down the barrier of entry.

1 Publish date Mar 28

Company of Heroes 2 gets free and premium DLC

Theatre of War pack 'Southern Fronts' costs £2.99.

Publish date Dec 10

Company of Heroes 2 Turning Point DLC coming free on November 12

Includes World Builder, two new multiplayer maps, and four new multiplayer commanders.

Publish date Nov 4

Company of Heroes 2 gets two new maps

Rostov and Kharkov to be released as free downloads tomorrow.

Publish date Sep 23

SEGA & Relic apologise for 'any offence caused' by Company of Heroes 2

Publisher and developer reportedly issue joint statement following Russian concerns.

Publish date Aug 8

Company of Heroes 2 distributor suspends sales in Russia following complaints

UPDATE: SEGA says it's taking complaints "very seriously".

5 Publish date Aug 5

SEGA wants almost $1 million from THQ for Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders

Monies paid to THQ by Valve for Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders on Steam.

Publish date Jul 10 2013

SEGA considering porting Total War & strategy line-up to PS4 & Xbox One

Company of Heroes, Total War and Football Manager up for consideration on next-gen consoles.

Publish date Jun 21 2013

Relic: Creative Assembly collaboration could result in a 'generic' game

"Not that we're going to pollute each other," says Relic man, "but I think ideas and the kinds of games we build are formulated out of our studio experience and culture."

Publish date Apr 22 2013

Has Relic acquired the Homeworld IP?

SEGA yet to confirm whether or not it bid on space RTS IP, but Relic says it would be "disappointed if [Homeworld] was anywhere else".

Publish date Apr 22 2013

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Release Date: 25/06/2013
Developer: Relic
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Real-time strategy
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: PEGI 18+
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