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Company of Heroes 2 gets Ardennes Assault standalone expansion

New expansion due this November inspired by the Battle of the Bulge.

Publish date Aug 13

Company of Heroes 2 gets standalone multiplayer game in June

The Western Front Armies to break down the barrier of entry.

1 Publish date Mar 28

Company of Heroes 2 gets free and premium DLC

Theatre of War pack 'Southern Fronts' costs £2.99.

Publish date Dec 10

Company of Heroes 2 Turning Point DLC coming free on November 12

Includes World Builder, two new multiplayer maps, and four new multiplayer commanders.

Publish date Nov 4

Company of Heroes 2 gets two new maps

Rostov and Kharkov to be released as free downloads tomorrow.

Publish date Sep 23

SEGA & Relic apologise for 'any offence caused' by Company of Heroes 2

Publisher and developer reportedly issue joint statement following Russian concerns.

Publish date Aug 8 2013

Company of Heroes 2 distributor suspends sales in Russia following complaints

UPDATE: SEGA says it's taking complaints "very seriously".

5 Publish date Aug 5 2013

SEGA wants almost $1 million from THQ for Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders

Monies paid to THQ by Valve for Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders on Steam.

Publish date Jul 10 2013

SEGA considering porting Total War & strategy line-up to PS4 & Xbox One

Company of Heroes, Total War and Football Manager up for consideration on next-gen consoles.

Publish date Jun 21 2013

Relic: Creative Assembly collaboration could result in a 'generic' game

"Not that we're going to pollute each other," says Relic man, "but I think ideas and the kinds of games we build are formulated out of our studio experience and culture."

Publish date Apr 22 2013

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