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New Humble Weekly Sale is all SEGA

Support a host of charities.

Publish date Mar 14

Has Relic acquired the Homeworld IP?

SEGA yet to confirm whether or not it bid on space RTS IP, but Relic says it would be "disappointed if [Homeworld] was anywhere else".

Publish date Apr 22 2013

SEGA confirms acquisition of Relic Entertainment - update on IPs included

And some IPs including Company of Heroes.

2 Publish date Jan 25 2013

Humble THQ Bundle packs in Saints Row: The Third, Company of Heroes and more

THQ president pledges over $1,000 in humble promotion.

1 Publish date Nov 30 2012

Company of Heroes 2 - Relic talks strategy

As Relic turns its attention to the Eastern Front, talks to Company of Heroes 2's game director Quinn Duffy about a struggle much closer to home...

Publish date Jul 24 2012

Company of Heroes could move out of WWII

Relic 'wants to take the element of WWII out of the creative vision for Company of Heroes'.

Publish date Jul 24 2012

Relic confident THQ can survive financial struggles

"There's a great chance that we'll be talking about a very positive THQ story in a couple of years," says Company of Heroes 2 director.

Publish date Jul 24 2012

THQ appoints Relic co-founder as executive vice-president

Co-founder of Company of Heroes studio returns to struggling publisher.

Publish date Jul 24 2012

Company of Heroes 2 revealed via leaked magazine cover

A sequel to the much-loved WW2 RTS Company of Heroes has been unearthed via a leaked magazine cover.

Publish date May 4 2012

THQ Pack going cheap on Steam

13 games, including Dawn of War II, for under £40.

Publish date Aug 28 2009

THQ Collector's Pack going cheap on Steam

$99 for 13 titles from franchises including Company of Heroes, Titan Quest and Dawn of War.

Publish date Nov 27 2008

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