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Create a super hero. Fight crime. Wear Spandex. Its all good...

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Feel my wrath firey rock man.
Feel my wrath firey rock man.

Feel my wrath firey rock man.

I often see myself standing, arms resting dramatically against my hips, watching some sort of wrongdoing. 'Halt. Or you will face my wrath!' I cry, with my best grimace fixed upon my face. I then dive in to sort out these muggers, burglars or other assorted ruffians. It's about this point that I'm rudely awoken by something extremely irritating, such as my alarm, or the girlfriend, into my box-like room. Damn it.

City of Heroes is all your superhero dreams brought to life (except for that one you had about Wonder Woman, you filthy boy). It's an MMORPG, the first to feature superheroes, and is perhaps one of the most accessible games in this genre. Superheroes tend to have more of an everyman appeal, certainly as opposed to Everquest or the like, and CoH has been created to accommodate this.

'Character creation strikes a nice balance, being both accessible yet hugely varied.'

The first masterstroke of CoH is the character creation. It will seem fairly limited to all the RPG players out there who like to be able to tinker with individual attributes, but it strikes a nice balance, being both accessible yet hugely varied. It works on a path basis, giving you the initial option of choosing what type of character you want, and the origin of their powers. This decision will affect you for the rest of the game, whether you like to get into the thick of it, stay back on support or become an all-rounder with powerful blasting abilities. The range of powers is incredible, and it will take a dedicated player with many different characters to ever see them all. The real joy, though, comes when you are creating your costume. Due to the amount of options, you can literally have exactly what you want (recent legal action by Marvel, against the publisher, may affect this), to the extent that you often see familiar characters wandering about:'Wolverine, is that you?' Fortunately, original costumes are considerably more common.

The game world, known as Paragon City, is immense. It's divided into different areas which tend to contain villains of a certain range in levels. The villains themselves are wonderful, and you can see that Cryptic Studios have taken inspiration from various comic companies. They have painted these bad guys in broad strokes too, enhancing their evil. Be it the Blood Brothers with their gang mentality and demon blood or the Fifth Column's Nazi ways, you'll be in no doubt that every ne of these guys needs a good hiding. In some games this may be considered OTT, but in this comic book universe, it's exactly as it should be.

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City of Heroes
Out of 10
City of Heroes
  • Very friendly community
  • Excellent character creation
  • No Player vs Player combat
  • Levelling up can be a pain
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Release Date: 04/02/2005
Platform: PC
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: NCSOFT
Genre: Super-Hero RPG
Rating: PEGI 12+
Site Rank: 2,095 1664
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