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Activision reveals digital content platform for COD

Beachhead to create an online community, exclusive content and new services for Call of Duty players.

5 Publish date Feb 10 2011

Next Call of Duty to be set in space

Industry sources say it'll feature space marines.

15 Publish date Nov 10 2010

Call of Duty map packs have sold over 20 million units

Franchise delivers 'one of the best multiplayer experiences ever,' says Kotick.

7 Publish date Aug 3 2010

Kotick would love a subscription-based CoD

Believes the franchise's audience is 'clamouring for it'.

4 Publish date Jun 21 2010

Sacked Infinity Ward bosses hit back at Activision

'After all we have given to Activision, we shouldn't have to sue to get paid'.

Publish date Mar 4 2010

Sledgehammer Games working on action adventure CoD

Also confirmation of a new game in the Call of Duty series in 2011.

Publish date Mar 3 2010

Activision reveals new 'strategic plans' for CoD

Forms a dedicated business unit to bring together various brand initiatives.

Publish date Mar 3 2010

Activision to expand CoD brand into 'new geographies'

Doesn't plan on 'repeating the same level of success' as it did with Modern Warfare 2.

1 Publish date Feb 11 2010

CoD franchise has generated $3 billion in sales

Has sold in excess of 55 million units worldwide.

Publish date Nov 27 2009

World at War Map Pack 3 confirmed for PC

Will accompany Patch 1.6.

2 Publish date Aug 17 2009

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