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Beautiful Game Studios is bringing the game out in April to afford more time to development
Beautiful Game Studios is bringing the game out in April to afford more time to development

Beautiful Game Studios is bringing the game out in April to afford more time to development

Roy Meredith, the general manager of Championship Manager developer Beautiful Game Studios, is a man on a mission. He's also not afraid to offer a thought or two on the competition. When we meet him, two floors underneath publisher Eidos' offices in Wimbledon, south London, he's quick to admit the failings of his game. That's predictable - any fan of the genre knows the Champ Man series has been on the wane for a good few years now. But, more surprisingly, and more aggressively, it's not long before he fixes Sports Interactive's more popular, higher review scoring bitter rival, Football Manager, squarely in his sights.

"I'd love us both to be selling millions of units because then that empowers and encourages them to improve their game," he says. "I've played their game and I want them to. I'm frustrated with FM09 and, personally from a consumer base experience, I don't believe it's as good as it could have been. I want them to be better. I want them to be innovative."

Aggressive words indeed. And it's this aggressiveness that proves to define his explanation of how he's dragging that once proud British brand back to its former glory. Football Manager becomes a regular point of reference, a regular point of differentiation.

"One thing that FM is absolutely brilliant at," Meredith says, "or has been traditionally brilliant at, and I think that they need to maybe look at themselves a bit on a couple of areas they've got in the game, is knowing exactly where you are within the game. Within FM I think it's just intuitive, you know where you are. I think they've lost it a bit and I'm not going to tell you where so that you don't put it in the piece and we don't create it for them. But with us it was very much different. You play a couple of screens, go in and feel you're a bit lost as to where you were and what your journey was. That's been very very important to us because that makes it accessible to people."

Navigation is a focus for improvement

Navigation is a focus for improvement

Championship Manager's navigation is a feature that's been given more attention than most during Meredith's 18 month and counting tenure with the developer. It's about improving the information flow, making it clearer, putting fun in between the matches, something that's certainly been lacking in previous iterations. We're shown pictures of the game's old interface so that the improvements made for this month-old build can be seen clearly. There's now a "dynamic swoosh" effect running as a background. It's simple, but its intended effect is important - it's designed to make things more attractive, of course, but, because the backgrounds are different depending on where you are in the game, they will subconsciously help you get about.

In the squad screen information buttons that lie next to player names will automatically cycle, letting you know if a contract is about to expire, if a player is wanted, needs rest, or, and this takes priority, is injured, instead of only one piece of information. A dynamic data window runs in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, in true Sky Sports News fashion, which cycles through information relevant to your game. In the build we're looking at the top scorers in the Ryman's League (Champ Man will go as low as the seventh tier of English football - the Ryman Isthmian Football League) are on show, but in the final game you'll get more relevant information in the box, like the Premier League's top scorers or big transfers. It's meant to display information that causes you to make a decision, something Meredith talks about at length. Everything, he says, that gives you information must lead you to make a decision or enhance your experience. Otherwise there's no point.

Traditionally in these games a bar runs across the bottom of the screen and, when you run your cursor across it, a menu pops up. In CM 09 things will be different. Navigation has been divided up primarily into two buttons: CM Home and CM World. CM Home leads you to everything that relates to your game. CM World leads to everything that relates to the world that's outside your gaming experience. Again, the idea is to make navigation easier.

But it's not all about navigation. Authenticity, as you'd expect, is part of the CM recovery process. In-game message variety has been substantially increased via a new Mail and Messaging tool that builds entire articles with strings of sentences written by three real world journalists. Right now there are 500,000 different messages. Meredith wants a million before the game is launched. The game's Back Page feature reads like the back page of a real newspaper, and deals are in place for these artificially constructed articles to appear as if from the Daily Mail and ITV. We see one headline: "Bad news for Roy Keane as Andy Reid is out". You'll be able to subscribe to particular feeds, Premier League, Serie A, that sort of thing. It's quite remarkable, in truth, and, as journalists ourselves, quite unnerving.

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