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2K Games has announced Civilization 5: Brave New World, the second expansion pack for its hit turn-based strategy game.

Set for release on PC and Mac this summer, Brave New World introduces nine new civilizations and world leaders to the game, including Casimir III of Poland, as well as eight new wonders, new game scenarios and new ways to play.

Brave New World features "a focus on culture and diplomacy", 2K states, with a new Culture Victory option allowing players to rule the world through the arts.

Players can now "create masterpieces with Great Artists, Writers, and Musicians" and use Archaeologists to investigate ruins and ancient battle sites, enhancing their cultural influence across other civilizations. Reaching a majority influence will enable a cultural victory.

Brave New World also introduces the option to build international trade routes, allowing players to establish trade routes with other civilizations via land or sea. Trade routes will grow stronger as players make economic and technological advances, and are used to generate wealth and influence other cultures.

And finally, Brave New World's two new scenarios will let players fight in the American Civil War and go on the hunt for great natural wonders across Africa.

"After adding a number of great new features to Civilization 5 with the Gods & Kings expansion, the team continued to search for ways to create even more exciting gameplay through new systems and features," said Firaxis' director of creative development Sid Meier.

"We're happy to bring our fans another ambitious expansion that will provide hours and hours of new Civilization experiences."

Source: 2K Games Press Release (via Joystiq)

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Excellent news. The perfect game to fill the summer.
Posted 13:14 on 15 March 2013

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