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VideoGamer Plays 26 April, 2014

Golf! Land! Bikes!

2 Publish date Apr 26

More than a third of Steam registered games are never played

17 per cent are played for under an hour, claims new research.

7 Publish date Apr 16

Firaxis to announce new AAA game tomorrow

Is it a next-gen XCOM? A new Civilization? 2K says you 'won't want to miss' it.

18 Publish date Apr 11

Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion pack announced

Latest Civ 5 expansion adds international trade routes, Culture Victory, two new scenarios and more.

1 Publish date Mar 15 2013 Plays March 8, 2013

This week the team has been playing God of War: Ascension, Tomb Raider, and Civ V.

37 Publish date Mar 8 2013

Star Conflict, Tomb Raider, Sim City and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

This week's podcast is all about space, pirates and lovely looking hair. Matt Lees also got pulled over by police for speeding on a bicycle.

7 Publish date Mar 6 2013 Plays January 6, 2013

This week the team has been playing Football Manager 2013, Score! Classic Goals, and Civilization V: Gods and Kings.

13 Publish date Jan 6 2013

Episode 75

It’s a new year with new faces, but the same shambolic banter...

6 Publish date Jan 2 2013

Civilization V patch released, fixes Gods & Kings issues

Firaxis has released a patch for Civilization V, squashing a bunch of bugs as if they were nothing more than a stray camp of barbarians.

Publish date Jul 3 2012

Civilization V update adds Steam Workshop

Mod authors can now post their mods in Steam Workshop, while gamers can browse, comment, rate and subscribe to Civilization V mods directly from the mod store.

Publish date Jun 15 2012

More Civilization V: Gods & Kings details revealed at GDC

As part of a behind-closed-doors presentation at GDC 2012, 2K and Firaxis have unveiled more details about the upcoming Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion scheduled to be released this Spring.

Publish date Mar 8 2012

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