Borderlands for PC

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Sci-fi role-playing shooterfrom Brothers in Arms creators.

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Borderlands Remastered Edition rated by Australian classifications board

Unannounced remaster coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

1 Publish date Dec 12

Borderlands remade as a 16-bit shooter

A free-to-play, browser-based 16-bit version of Borderlands has been released by Gearbox.

Publish date Aug 23 2012

Randy Pitchford is 'astonished' that no-one has ripped off Borderlands yet.

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford is astonished that Borderlands has yet to be copied by other developers.

2 Publish date Jul 24 2012

Four games that need a new ending, Mass Effect 3-style.

Mass Effect 3 isn't the only game to have a cack ending. Here are four more - and we know just how to fix them!

12 Publish date Jun 27 2012

Borderlands 2: Claptrap love letter reveals new features for PC version

Borderlands 2's Claptrap has penned a love letter to PC gaming, wooing the community with a brace of new features for the upcoming FPS.

Publish date Mar 19 2012

Claptrap returns for Borderlands 2

The sequel begins with Claptrap - the very same one you met in Borderlands - as the last remaining robot of his kind.

7 Publish date Jan 31 2012

Borderlands 2 has found its Lilith

Gearbox has revealed the winner of last year's open casting call to play the part of Lilith in Borderlands 2.

1 Publish date Jan 18 2012

Would you like to be in Borderlands 2?

Gearbox is holding open auditions for the part of Lilith in the forthcoming Borderlands 2.

Publish date Dec 1 2011

Top 10 Co-Op Games 2011

There's certainly a time and a place for playing with yourself, but as a general rule of thumb it's always more fun to play with somebody else.

1 Publish date Sep 20 2011

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Game Stats

Release Date: 23/10/2009
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-4
Rating: BBFC 18
Site Rank: 9,744 46
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