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A total conversion Source Engine mod offering a contemporary remake of the original Half-Life.

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The Podcast: Episode 61

Welcome, once again, to the Podcast. To be a bit more specific, welcome to another one of those super-irreverent episodes where the train of conversation is derailed every five minutes or so. Hey, sometimes that's just how we roll.

6 Publish date Sep 19 2012

Black Mesa Source available to download now

Free Half-Life remake available to download now - provided the servers can keep up.

3 Publish date Sep 14 2012

Black Mesa Source available to download next week

Half-Life remake gets September 14 release date.

6 Publish date Sep 3 2012

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Disc Lickers: Episode 1 in Article Comments

Ghost_Dog's Avatar

Really, really good work chaps. Absolutely loved the show. Great production and the presenting from Matt and Neon was spot-on. Keep it up.

The Podcast: Episode 61 in Article Comments

Neon-Soldier32's Avatar

I've made a thread where you can post your competition entries: Really good episode this week. I enjoyed the initial objectification of women discussion and it was a generally funny show. Shame...

Black Mesa Extended Play in Article Comments

mydeaddog's Avatar

I'm going to apologise in advance for the fact that I play appalling badly in this video. As I mention on this week's podcast, I partially blame this on the fact that I was dicking about and...

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