Tom Orry, Editor - Tomb Raider, Xbox 360

Tomb Raider screenshot

So that's Tomb Raider finished. It was a fun experience, with the highlight for me being the beautiful visuals that really showcase what our aging consoles are still capable of. I'm not sure how the team at Crystal Dynamics managed to achieve what they did, but hats off to everyone who works there.

I still stand by my belief that the game could have handled Lara's progression from young girl to killer better. The experience descends into a blood-thirsty rampage pretty soon after she picks up some guns - a fun rampage, definitely, but as a character I'd have liked a greater sense of struggle, not just in her actions but her mindset.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Score! Classic Goals, iOS

smartfooty scoreclassic -

I've been off gallivanting across Europe this week, so I still haven't been able to sink a decent amount of time into BioShock Infinite. Nevertheless, my travels gave me a good reason to finally explore some of the games I've had clogging up my iOS memory. And herein lies a problem.

I discovered Score! Classic Goals. A game centred squarely around those moments when European football commentators would lose their rag over an finish, Score! has you flicking balls into the back of the net based on a variety of historic, real-world goals. It's like a modern update of that browser-based free kick game everyone growing up in the late 90s/early 00s played during their school lunch hour, and just as habit-forming. Like a lot of mobile titles, there isn't all that much to it, but it's simple, solid football fun, and though I'd advise checking out BioShock Infinite or Luigi's Mansion 2 as priority over the Easter break, this offers a decent diversion from the AAA.

Matt Lees, Video Production Editor - BioShock Infinite, PC

BioShock Infinite screenshot

My initial foray into the world of Columbia has been a wide-eyed stumble: I spent so long transfixed by an anachronistic barber shop quartet that I didn't actually get around to playing much of the game. My obsession this week, however, is SimCity.

After 30 hours or so with the game, I have to say I believe EA on this one - SimCity's online stuff does feel like a conscious design choice rather than a DRM measure. A lot of people are understandably miffed that it isn't the game that they expected, but I absolutely love the game that they've made. The region stuff isn't explained well at all in the game - and odd bugs are still preventing SimCity from being a genuine classic - but there's a huge amount of potential here. It's one of the freshest and most unusual games I've ever played, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it adapts and expands over the coming months. After approaching the game with huge amounts of cynicism, I have to admit that it's a brilliant surprise.

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Ghost5's Avatar


Lego City Undercover.

Its so fun. So many references to things and so much to do!

20 hour playtime and I'm only 12% through o_o
Posted 13:51 on 02 April 2013


Have ordered Bioshock: Infinite so I'm looking forward to that droppping through the letter box any day now :0)

Re. Sim City, surely it would have been better to offer more carrot than stick - i.e. have single player as well as multiplayer and egg-up the cool MP aspects of it (and encourage legit copy buying?)
Posted 13:48 on 02 April 2013
Njeezy's Avatar


I've just got back from playing Snowboarding and have apparently missed a massive shake up with the site, as well as a non-conformist 8/10 review for Bioshock infinite, being non-conformist is so conformist you guys.
Posted 15:07 on 30 March 2013
rbevanx's Avatar


Played and finished Arkham City on PC with it's DLC.

Love it.
Posted 12:25 on 29 March 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I'm still playing Driver: San Francisco. I'm enjoying it, it's lighthearted relief from the more serious, violent titles I've been playing recently. I finally accepted I won't finish Dishonored (stealth really isn't my thing) and I went back to Saints Row: The Third for a little bit too, which is still good fun.
Posted 23:43 on 28 March 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Far too many games filling my time, from Assassins Creed III which I am enjoying - despite its glaring flaws and idiotic protagonist, Ubi do pack a lot to do in their titless - through to Bioshock: Infinite, Terraria XBLA (which I fear will suck up countless hours), and the ever present Minecraft: 360 Edition.

And when my partner is streaming Lovefilm through the Xbox, Don't Starve on Steam is just... phenomenal. All of Klei's games are great, but I think this one really is their magnum opus.
Posted 23:25 on 28 March 2013


I can blame my daughter for my renewed interest in Minecraft though its criminal that there is no Achievement for Creative mode.

Also been on the Defiance Beta, playing more Ragnarok Odyssey on Vita, Black Ops 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted and LEGO City Undercover all on Wii U.

Quite a few iOS and Android games as per usual.
Posted 21:55 on 28 March 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ atheistium

Originally Posted by atheistium
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is my crack.

I read that incorrectly the first time. I'll stop there.

I finally broke the grip that Life Is Crime has had on me for 3 months solid to do a little beta testing of Defiance, which turned into 54 hours over 4 days, so I think I just found my next game to loose a lot of life to.

Whilst I'm waiting for the servers to go live on April 2nd I'm playing, erm, Life Is Crime again. But I should really be playing Borderlands 2 to start collecting Eridium for the next update on that same day. Gonna be a busy weekend.
Posted 21:15 on 28 March 2013
atheistium's Avatar


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is my crack.

Posted 21:10 on 28 March 2013

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