Bionic Commando screenshot
Bionic Commando screenshot

Bionic Commando fans are a patient lot. They've been waiting 10 long years for a remake of the classic NES extendible bionic gripper game. Well the end is in sight. Swedish developer GRIN, in collaboration with Japanese publisher Capcom, is hard at work on a next-gen sequel, due out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. sat down with Grin's Ben Judd, Bionic Commando's producer, to chat Metal Gear Solid 2, GTA, Spiderman and how the team is bringing Nathan Spencer into the 21st century. First off, I wanted to ask you guys what you thought of the reaction to the game's unveiling - I'm talking hardcore gamers, forum posters that kind of thing. Do you care?

Benn Judd: When you announce the return of any cherished franchise there are going to be those who like the approach you are taking and those who don't, but on the whole, the reaction to the return of Bionic Commando was pretty positive. From here on in, it is our job to deliver a game that remains true to the original, yet makes it relevant to today's gaming audience. So how far into development is the game? Can you say what percent complete BC is?

BJ:The game has not reached the alpha build phase yet so I'd estimate that we are about halfway done.

Bionic Commando screenshot Do you feel any more pressure than normal developing Bionic Commando, considering the hardcore loyal fanbase of the original game?

BJ: Personally I am one of the biggest fans of the original and I've wanted to see a new game in the series for many years. Following continued requests to the Head of R&D, Inafune-san, he finally gave me the green light and that was a great day for me. Do I feel the pressure to deliver a great game, for sure, but I hope that my love for the original will help produce a game that doesn't let the fans down. What's the most important thing with BC, making sure the game pleases those hardcore gamers who played the original or making the game relevant for today's 360/PS3/high-end PC-owning gamer? Is it possible to please both?

BJ: It is going to be a tough job, but we are certainly aiming to please both. What's your opinion on the high-end PC VS 360-PS3 debate? In your opinion can the consoles ever compete, however powerful they are?

BJ: Consoles have one key advantage and that is the fact that they are standardized. You know that all of the users will have the same set-up and same specs. No one gets left out so you know exactly what to plan for. PCs will always have the best graphics but the percentage of people who really can enjoy the game at the level is much, much smaller.

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Release Date: 30/10/2009
Developer: Grin
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: BBFC 18
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