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Traditional publishers such as EA and Ubisoft don't understand how to monetise additional content, according to Bigpoint chief games officer Philip Reisberger.

Pointing out the flaws in Valve's now-freemium based Team Fortress 2, Reisberger explained to EDGE: "Most people in the Bigpoint universe don’t ever pay. But if they want to pay, don't just offer hats – offer them something that will help them."

He went on to explain how the likes of EA fail to monetise games correctly.

"In a nutshell, EA doesn't understand it. It wouldn’t ruin the game. If selling an advantage ruins the game, you haven’t done the balancing right.

"EA and Ubisoft, for example, they're both trying, but they're not really there yet."

Bigpoint is a free-to-play online games publisher whose titles include Battlestar Galactica Online and Dark Orbit.

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Clockpunk's Avatar


All EA sees in the word is the 'money' part. And that is the problem...
Posted 12:37 on 08 September 2011


Easier said than done though - just look at the player lead backlash in EVE when it was even hinted at.

Being able to 'buy' an advantage in any multiplayer game is always likely to be problematic.
Posted 11:42 on 07 September 2011

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