Battlefield 4 screenshot
Battlefield 4 screenshot

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Battlefield 4 will include support for 64-player multiplayer and reintroduce Battlefield 2's fan-favourite Commander Mode, DICE has confirmed.

Previous console versions of Battlefield were limited to 32 players. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, it's assumed, will still be limited to 32 players, but will also include Commander Mode.

Commander Mode, which was dropped for Battlefield 3, lets a single player issue commands to their team and initiate remote military support, including artillery fire. Commanders can even use an iPad or Android tablet to issue commands.

Battlefield 4 goes on sale this October with next-generation versions to follow at each console's launch.

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BeltFedDEBS@ TenBensons

Yeah VideoGamer, get it right ;) heheh
Posted 11:09 on 11 June 2013
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Xbox 360 and PS3 were limited to 24 players not 32 :)
Posted 01:51 on 11 June 2013

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