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Amnesia: The Dark Descent for PC

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Two Cowards Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Everyone says Amnesia: The Dark Descent is terrifying. So we let two cowards play it to find out...

Publish date Jun 2 2015

Amnesia has sold between 920k and 1.4 million units

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The Humble Indie Bundle V is now over. Done. Finito.

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Humble Indie Bundle V enters final day

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle is entering its final day on sale, with less than 14 hours to go at time of writing.

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Humble Indie Bundle V expands with Super Meat Boy, Braid and Lone Survivor

The Humble Indie Bundle V has already made a staggering $3.8 million, with the total number of purchases standing at 463,932 at the time of writing.

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Can the indie scene save Survival Horror?

What makes a truly terrifying game? And has the burden fallen on smaller studios to do so? A collection of top indies discuss...

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17 Publish date Feb 20 2011


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