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We don't enjoy giving low scores to games we had high expectations of. Atari's Alone in the Dark appeared to be on the road to triple-A status, but it turned out to be a miss-match of ideas, awkward controls and gameplay clichés. All hope isn't lost however. Atari is planning to release the PlayStation 3 version of Alone in the Dark later this year, and we want it to be so much more than a simple port. After seeing the reaction to the Xbox 360 and PC games Eden Games has the chance to make the PS3 game the definitive version of Alone in the Dark. To help them out we've put together our Top 10: Ways to make Alone in the Dark best on PS3.

10. Iron out the glitches

We suffered from all kinds of glitches while playing through Alone in the Dark on Xbox 360 and PC. Among a long list are Edward uncontrollably gyrating on the spot, items going missing, objects in the environments becoming half stuck and jumping around, a fire that caused the frame rate to dive to single digits and items that refuse to be picked up until you've picked up all the others around it. In truth the glitches aren't the game's biggest problem, but they do need to be ironed out if the PS3 game is to be the definitive version.

9. Presentation tweaks

In parts Alone in the Dark on Xbox 360 and PC looks great, but it also suffers from an erratic frame rate and plenty of screen tearing. We'd like both of these blemishes to be ironed out for the PS3 release. The other graphical aspect that prevented Alone in the Dark from being a stunning release is the character and enemy animations. Neither looked especially natural, so we'd like Atari to blend animations into one another with greater subtlety in the PS3 game. Equally disappointing was the amount of unnecessary swearing in the game. If this is toned down it would give the game a more serious tone.

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If ur talkin about the xbox360 version the do react to the fire they back away which make it really annoying to hit them with the burning object
Posted 10:21 on 09 July 2008
BoundByMurphy's Avatar
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It's always easy to muck around and change whole gamecore mechanics it seems.
The AI seem dumb and dull. - Just change it.
No topnotch graphics? - Just fine tune the game engine.
They didn't include airplanes/ co-op/ groin kicking/ horse combat? - Just fix it, it will go great with the gameplay I'm sure.
Yes, its just a walk in the park fixing these things.
Good for you stating the obvious btw.
Posted 00:37 on 28 June 2008
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Let me amend one statement I made from above, you may not even like the game if you play it...Its more an acquired taste, because it was a generalisation I made, but removing the bugs would max out the fun factor, as in the end is that not why we play games? (or for some secret dark urges...but I will not comment on that).
Posted 16:43 on 27 June 2008
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Actually most of that stuff can be patched pretty damn easily on the PC version..not sure about the Xbox. But if you have played the game you would appreciate that it is a good game...just minor issues can really mangle the experience. Lets face it, the game did not meet the hype BUT it will push Atari to continue with the series and hopefully improve. This is not enter the matrix bad. Anyway Alan Wake is on the way, I just hope Atari gets crackin on the patches.
Posted 16:34 on 27 June 2008
George's Avatar
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Yeah...this list is a little extreme. You MIGHT get some glitches ironed out, but that's about it....
Posted 16:16 on 27 June 2008
Johnny's Avatar
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Basically you want them to start the game from scratch? They'll never do that.
Posted 16:03 on 27 June 2008

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Release Date: 20/06/2008
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