PC 28 Jul 2014

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John Romero: 'PC is decimating console'

"Free-to-play has killed a hundred AAA studios."

1 Publish date Today, 16:55pm

3 New Cheats for 3 games

Cheats for Rome: Total War, Tropico 5, Pinball FX2.  Stuck? Check out the latest hints & cheats for these games!

Publish date Today, 15:05pm

37 minutes of Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay footage appears online

Watch multiple matches in Ubisoft’s tactical shooter.

Publish date Today, 10:42am

Mass Effect 4 to focus on planetary exploration as Mako makes a comeback

First details emerge out of Comic-Con, but next Mass Effect could still be 'years away from launch'.

1 Publish date Today, 10:09am
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