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All Points Bulletin

All Points Bulletin Review for PC

On: PCPS4Xbox One

Either uphold or break the law in this online Cops vs Robbers game from the man behind the creation of the GTA series.

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All Points Bulletin screenshot
All Points Bulletin screenshot

Group PVP missions suffer a similar problem and are marred by an overwhelming sense of unfairness. These contests aren't won because of tactical skill, they're won based on which faction drove to the marked location the fastest. With the objective points being randomly generated, the nearest players have the upper hand and will inevitably camp the area, picking out the stragglers who have arrived late to the party. It's unfortunate considering the lack of control you have over the latest car you've ripped from the hands of a local. APB's driving controls make every ride feel like your car is controlled by a 16-year old who can't quite reach the peddles.

Cornering is unbelievably sluggish, to the extent that you have to start planning your turn a good half-road before you reach an intersection. It’s unwieldy and frustrating, particularly when you’re working against the demands of a ticking clock; even when you’re not colliding head-on with another vehicle, what should be a simple mode of transportation becomes an annoying hindrance to your mission.

Once you're in a fight it's a matter of shooting fish in a barrel, considering the lack of an established cover system beyond boxes and walls that you can dip behind when the bullets start flying. The shooting mechanics themselves are similarly awkward, amounting to pounding the correct key in the general direction of your target. Bullets can spray an enemy with little effect, meaning you can shoot to the head and your target will just keep moving. In a game that is largely about shooting other players this becomes one of the most blatant issues, effectively crippling the PVP experience unless you were lucky enough to find a place to perch on a roof.

This is a case of an MMO that will inevitably evolve within nine months time, but not before it spoils its first impression like an unwieldy teenager trying to impress a Compton street gang. The issues are issues that can be solved through patches, meaning APB is gawky but will grow. But despite RTW's attempt to keep reviewers honest with their week-long embargo, they'll have a hell of a time convincing players to stay on board long enough to experience the game as intended.

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Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


Are girls allowed to talk about video games?
Posted 16:46 on 14 July 2010

User Comments

scaz2244's Avatar


Sounds like you gotta crush jams lol well this game once looked promising but now o feel il never get another mmo other than wow and maybe old republic depending on how good reviews give or
Posted 19:42 on 14 July 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Awesome! Emily's the new writer!
Well done Emily; I'm sure you're going to be stunning :D
Posted 19:11 on 14 July 2010
Endless's Avatar


I still stand by the fact that the game should be f2p, there's nothing in the game that should require a subscription. All the events are fuels by players! All the quests involve other players! Comunity driven content and they're still charging for it...
Posted 18:01 on 14 July 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


I played the beta for 2 sessions (every sunday, 7pm-9pm) and i can honestly say it killed off what i was looking forward to in the game.

What i don't understand is that they expect you to actually pay for the combat of the game but when it comes to social networking, they'll let you on for free.
Posted 17:01 on 14 July 2010
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar

Stegosaurus-Guy-II@ IndoorHeroes

The society we live in is a horrible place, worse than Africa's.
Posted 16:55 on 14 July 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Not just allowed, they get paid to do it nowadays.
Posted 16:52 on 14 July 2010
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


Are girls allowed to talk about video games?
Posted 16:46 on 14 July 2010
draytone's Avatar


Glad we are on the same page.
Posted 16:45 on 14 July 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Oh right from the podcast! Gotcha.
Posted 16:45 on 14 July 2010
draytone's Avatar


Wasn't it operation Cybil Shepard/Jim Carey?
Posted 16:44 on 14 July 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Not sure i get the relevence of Jim Carrey?
Posted 16:43 on 14 July 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar


So much potential, so little delivery.

The game, that is, not the reviewer!
Posted 16:15 on 14 July 2010
draytone's Avatar

draytone@ pblive

Click for Image
Posted 16:11 on 14 July 2010
pblive's Avatar


Click for Image
Posted 16:07 on 14 July 2010
draytone's Avatar


Geraface? The new writer for VG? I think it should be a street gang in Brompton.
Posted 15:54 on 14 July 2010

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All Points Bulletin
Out of 10
All Points Bulletin
  • Brilliant design tools
  • Great concept
  • Poor driving and shooting mechanics
  • Tedious Missions
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