Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Review

Eliminating the impenetrable.

2 Publish date Today, 14:46pm

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

There’s been a Mordor

13 Publish date 8:55am at 26 Sep 2014

Wasteland 2 Review

A nuclear winter of discontent.

8 Publish date 4:37pm at 24 Sep 2014

FIFA 15 Review

Keeping score.

8 Publish date 2:59pm at 23 Sep 2014

The Sims 4 Review

Loses the swimming pool, gains a soul.

Publish date 3:55pm at 12 Sep 2014

Dead Rising 3 Review

Return of the living dead.

2 Publish date never

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 No Going Back Review

Who is Clementine?

18 Publish date 5:01pm at 26 Aug 2014

Metro Redux Review

Reduxulous value.

Publish date 11:27am at 21 Aug 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Nemesis Review

Last (field) orders.

Publish date 4:48pm at 06 Aug 2014

Road Not Taken Review

A fork in the road.

Publish date 11:55am at 06 Aug 2014

Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King Review

Crowning glory?

3 Publish date 10:52am at 24 Jul 2014

4PM Review

4PM has lofty ambitions that are never really met.

Publish date 5:02pm at 10 Jul 2014

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review

World War 1 meets World War Fun. Wait, what?

1 Publish date 2:56pm at 27 Jun 2014

Sniper Elite 3 Review

All Reich now?

1 Publish date 12:00pm at 26 Jun 2014

GRID Autosport Review

Back on track: Codemasters' Autosport is a solid return to form for the GRID series, but some minor issues cause a few stumbles.

4 Publish date 4:54pm at 24 Jun 2014


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